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Swan Joyride Darling Duo

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For littles who rock ! Super soft plush rocker on a sturdy wooden base—perfect for the playroom, bedroom, living room, any room, really… and their stuffed animal counter-part means your little will never leave the house without their favorite friend!


  • Ride away to adventure with your new best friends
  • Soft and safe seat for hours of playtime fun
  • Perfect for little movers and shakers

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 28”D x 13”W x 18”H
  • Spot clean: damp cloth allows for quick surface wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 1–3
  • SKU# 63859
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54 reviews for Swan Joyride Darling Duo

  1. Katerina S.

    usMinnesota, United States

    I couldn’t be happier about the Swan Darling Duo. Much cuter that on pictures. Amazingly soft material and really sturdy rocker. Comfortable and pretty secure seat for baby that is not-walking yet.

  2. DQsMomma

    This adorable rocker and toy is a perfect gift. It is beautiful and fun. It accommodates my 2 year old perfectly. It is well made and sturdy. The doll is adorable. Both are very soft and make lovely toys and decor in a room. Highly recommend

  3. TabithaOchoa

    The swan darling duo is a must have for any girl!! My daughter absolutely loves it, the rocker is made like a swan with a crown on top of her head. The swan stuffed animal that matches is the exact same way, so adorable!! The material is very soft and comfy, she loves rocking in it and having the swan in her arms. It’s durable, and sturdy. The bottom part is wood, very sturdy.

  4. Laurajean87

    I received Swan Darling Duo from tryitsampling. I gave this toy set to my two year old and he loves it. The big swan is the perfect size for my two year old to sit on. The Swan Darling duo is soft and cuddly. My two year old likes to carry the little Swan around all over the house. Both the big and little Swan seem to be very well made and durable.

  5. Beya

    The material it so soft a. And the way you sit your baby girl it’s so safe there no way that she will fall in any way so I was so relief to see that. it is so comfortable that my baby wants to stay in there for hours just rocking away! It’s absolutely so beautiful and it’s so sturdy and it’s just a great look for my babies room. And the plush that comes with it she loves it and it’s so soft she sleeps with it every night I love it for them and would definitely recommend 100% .

  6. Rucker

    This is the most adorable baby rocker I ever seen ! It’s perfect for any nursery and even comes with the matching stuff swan! The material is super soft and it’s just a beautiful color and design! I can’t get enough of this!

  7. Needa

    This is such a great toy for a little girl. It is well made and a size that a baby can grow with. It is very soft and very cute! It also comes with a swan stuffed animal for her to carry around. Must have for any new momma.

  8. Kathe0724

    I got this for my daughter but wasn’t sure she would like it. However, she really enjoys rocking in it. It’s made of good quality and it’s really soft. It also makes a perfect complement to the room and everyone who sees it loves it. And if you are concern with the safety don’t worry the seat hugs the baby nicely.

  9. Tays

    This is so cute! So soft and perfect for littles to rock while feeling secure. Comes with an extra little stuffed animal for kids to play with as well. Not too big and fits perfectly in any room. Love it!

  10. Lexie92

    I bought this Swan duo for my 15 month niece and she is in love with it. She plays with it every day rocking herself back and forth, of course with adult supervision, until she gets tired. I definitely recommend it to other toddler moms so your child can enjoy it.

  11. Mrsdunlap17

    This is the cutest thing ever it is sooo cute I love it! I love that my kids sits in it and it has a little bit of a side to it unlike a rocking horse I feel its safer for my little ones! All my friends that will be having babies soo keep trying to claim it for a hand me down lol so I’m sure some of them will be buying their own its definitely a hit at my house!

  12. Brittany G 24

    This product speaks for itself its just simply adorable any little girl would love this craftmanship is great very sturdy plush and well made can hold a good amount of weight the fact it come with a baby swan is the icing on the cake i highly recommend this item!

  13. Mrs jennings

    I received as a product testing my daughter loves it came already together well packaged she loves how she can sit on the Swan and hold the stuff toy Swan I definitely will recommend it’s great for young kids

  14. Milliron2009

    Wow! This swan duo is seriously the cutest! It comes with a stuffed swan which is a huge plus if you have a little one like I do that enjoys their stuffies! The rocker is so cute and easily holds my 30lb child!

  15. Dani

    This is absolutely adorable. Put together very well. Its so soft and the material is amazing. Super easy for littles to get on and off. Very well made. This is highly reccomended and the details are amazing.

  16. Dream2me

    Overall this is a really cute and fun rocker for our baby but I really do wish It came with something to make me feel my baby feel secure when our baby is riding on the swan rocker. It is cute and our baby does love playing on it

  17. Amy7789

    My daughter recently got the Swan Darling Duo and just adores it. It came with a rocker and matching stuffed animal. The quality of both the rocker and stuffed animal are great, the materials seem thick and if quality. The rocker is also made of quality materials and has a very sturdy construction. This is a gorgeous set and alone adds some sparkle to the room!

  18. Diana M

    I got the Swan Darling Duo for our game room. I have 3 boys and most of my friends have little girls and when they come over i feel bad because we dont have anything for little girls to play with because my boys mostly have video games. Now they spend most of the time playing with it, the girls really love it. its really beautifull and really good quality.

  19. Coc0

    My little absolutely loved this, was so fun and well made the colors are absolutely beautiful and rocks just perfectly. The stuffed toy was such an added bonus and I can’t get my babe to stop carrying it around. Awesome product.

  20. Meadow

    This rocker is absolutely adorable! The details are exquisite, and the craftsmanship is beautiful. It is for ages up to 3, a little tight for anyone older then that. It is very well made, and has a strong foam filling for the neck and head. It is such a beautiful delicate piece fit for a princess.

  21. aisling

    I got this Swan Darling Duo for my autistic daughter who is only three years old. I’m so happy that I did too. This plush and rocker bundle makes a perfect prop and set for capturing those oh-so-adorable, picture-perfect moments. iI really love the sturdy design and that it arrives fully assembled because it makes it so much easier and more convenient for a mom with a house full of children

  22. Queendee0

    Wow this swan darling duo is absolutely beautiful! Me and my daughter both love it! The swan is so elegant and lovely. It’s light weight. I love how big the seating is. It’s very sturdy and has great protection from falling out. This swan offers hours of fun for littles great for keeping them busy. This is a must have.

  23. Scoobytardis

    Got this for my 6 month old niece and she didn’t stop smiling the whole time she sat on it. She loved her plushie too and didn’t want to let it go. Uncle scored some points with this gift. Can’t wait to keep adding to her toys.

  24. Lilred3

    This was soo cute when it came in the box I quickly took it out for my kids they loved rocking in the swan chair and they each took turns the swans looked very real and they were really soft I gave them a five stars

  25. Lo93

    Perfect sized rocker my my toddler. It seems comfortable it is easy to move around because it isn’t heavy at all it doesn’t take up much space and it is extremely adorable. My little one rocks in it for hours

  26. Tish18

    This set is so cute, I like that it comes with a little baby swain and the fact that unlike the sit on rocking chairs this is like a seat/chair. Its really soft easy to sit on and have a steady rock to it

  27. Skayla1

    This has to be one of the cutest rockers I have ever seen! It comes with a matching plushy Swan which was a great touch! My little one absolutely loves it! She sleeps with the plushy every night and is always riding on the rocker! Great product!

  28. Mommyofthree

    This swan darling duo is so adorable! It’s super soft and very sturdy. My 16 month old hasn’t quite figured out how to rock in it yet. My baby really enjoys sitting in her swan especially when she’s watching a movie. I love that it is very easy for my my little one to get in and out of on her own.

  29. Msandefur0622

    Oh my gosh…this set was just too cute! The swan rocker and the swan stuffed animal is so stinking cute! They are both well made and perfect for a little girl’s room! My child loves this and has rocked in it quite a bit already. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

  30. DL2019

    The swan is very cute and is great for toddlers. I love how the seat is made so they can’t fall off easily. Pretty easy to rock although it has a very short rock if that makes sense. My toddler loves it.

  31. Mommyham13

    This is the sweetest thing ever! Rocking horses have been around forever. But let’s face it, we needed something new… this swan rocking chair is the most elegant adorable thing ever. The seat is nice and wide even for early sitters. And it comes with a beautiful swan plush as well. This would make a beautiful addition to a nursery, or a great gift for that special little girl in your life.

  32. Sara502

    My daughter absolutely loves the Swan Darling Duo rocker and plush. It came out of the box ready to use so no complicated setup. The plush is a bigger size and so cuddly and cute. I really like that the seat for the rocker envelops on the sides and back keeping her safe and comfortable. My daughter is really enjoy both the rocker and swan and I just love that she’s so happy with it. It’s provided hours of fun and is really beautiful.

  33. Lostlamb70

    The Swan Duo rocker is a big hit in our home. My 14 month old daughter really loves this rocker and the smaller swan companion that comes with it. She will get on this and ride it for long periods of time and sometimes get upset when we take her off it. This is lightweight but made well and appears to be durable. It’s also very soft material…perfect for a little princess.

  34. ChelseaMommy23

    My daughter has been enjoying this toy for the past couple of weeks. I love that this product is for a wide age of kids. My daughter is petite so she will have lot more use out of this. She has her baby dolls sit on it as well and she rocks them. I love that this is made extremely well. I love that it is not plastic and will last for a long time. I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends as I feel it will be a great gift for any occasion.

  35. DianaMarie11

    I have a three-year-old daughter Who loves to ride on things. Is super active and love anything fluffy. This came in a whole so ypu dont have to put together. It came with a little stuff swan which was awesome. My daughter loves riding on it, she is big for three and still fits perfectly. I believe good up to 70 pounds. Overal fots easy in her room, small enough fpr a small room.

  36. Cnewton16

    I am so happy with my swan darling duo for my little girl. It is so sweet and so much easier for a small toddler to rock over an actual rocking horse. The swan helps her balance while riding and goes perfect with its soft touch.

  37. Bamagirl

    I absolutely love the swan darling duo! It’s so adorable. I got it for my one year old. She’s always playing on it and always has her swan in her hand. I love that it isn’t as easy to tip over like other rockers do. The seat is actually big enough for her to lay back and sit comfortable! That’s a huge plus. The design is absolutely beautiful. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

  38. nessa88

    My neice loved this item! She just turned a yr old and she was able to rock this by herself. She needed help to get onto the swan. But this swan duo was adorable. The swan stuffed animal was cute. The wood material was just right where it wouldnt give splinters to younger children. My 3 yr old niece got on this quite easy. The seat (Swans back) is big and roomy. Loved the feeling of the “feathers” it was nice and soft! Loved the colors with the white and the gold! I have recommended this to a friend with a daughter!

  39. Lola gomez

    This balanced seat is the cutest thing. The swan design makes it look elegant and it looks very nice in the room, even when your children grow up it can be used as a decoration. The part of the seat is wide, my 4-year-old girl feels very comfortable and not tight at all, her fur is very soft to the touch, the handles are firm, it does not swing too much so there is no danger of falling and that gives my little one safety. The base is made of wood very well screwed, it does not need assembly and it is not heavy at all. It comes with a very cuddly small swan, soft colors, lint-free and ideal to keep your little one company while she sleeps.

  40. cortiz

    This swan and plushy set is perfectly named because it is absolutely DARLING. Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough great things about this product. The rocker is sturdy and comfortable. My daughter sat on it and immediately commented on how soft the seat was. The fabric it is made out of is great quality and this piece is just so so so cute…the tiny crown and gold details are perfect for my little girl who loves anything “princess”. And the matching plushy….ah! Just great. My daughter not only rides to rocker, but she also has the plushy ride it too as she pushes and pretends it’s a “mommy and a baby”. This set is so so so cute and I can see us keeping it until my daughter has children to pass down (and I believe it will last because it is so well made. Love this!

  41. Elise626

    This is such a cute rocker set that made the perfect gift for my daughter’s second birthday! My daughter is a little small for her age, but she fits perfectly in the seat with extra space to grow. The age recommendation on the package states that this is best for ages 2 to 5 and for children up to 85 pounds, but it seems much too small for my 4 and 5 year old boys and better suited for young toddlers. The fabric on the rocker and stuffed animal is very soft and luxurious feeling, but the wooden base and handles are not sanded smooth like one would expect in a child’s toy. The plush toy that comes with the rocker is much bigger than I had expected, and my daughter loves carrying it around the house and snuggling with it at night. This is currently one of my daughter’s favorite toys and I love how beautiful it looks in her room as well!

  42. Silla94

    This product was quite interesting to see, beings I’ve never seen something quite like it. But I am pleased to say that my little one loved it! Its perfect size and super soft and adorable and it even has a MATCHING animal that comes with it. This rocker is definitely worth the buy and is the whole package deal!

  43. Momtootwo

    I bought this fir my nieces birthday. She was super excited when she seen what it was. She jumped an laughed. She got on an to my surprise it was very strong and sturdy. The rock was just perfect and not too far or to much.

  44. Reelee

    I got this Swan Darling Duo by Soft Landing about a month ago and I’ve never loved a rocker more in my life! The appearance and quality both are absolutely stunning. This is actually a bundle that comes with the rocker itself and a matching plush animal. As a parent, I was over the moon to see that the Swan’s resting wingspan was actually incorporated to create a back support for the seat. My twins were able to use it much sooner just for this reason with obvious supervision still required. I’m highly impressed with the durability of the body as it is just a great quality pressed and formed foam body. We’ve caught our 4 year old rocking on it many times and there’s been no damage done even though it is not meant for that much weight. I highly recommend this to anyone in the market for an adorable rocker for a little one in their life. The material is so soft and easy to hand wash if something gets on it from sticky fingers. It’s a household favorite here!

  45. Lana

    This rocker is too adorable and the matching plush toy makes it so unique. The material feels very soft and I like how the padded seat hugs your little one and provides extra security at the same time. It beautifully complements the style of our daughter’s room. It is lightweight which makes it easy to carry.Ê

  46. Ashleyc518

    I got this for my daughter about a month ago and she absolutely loves it. I love that it has a high back, so I’m not worried about her falling off the back of it. It is perfect for the not so sturdy kids. I also love that it comes with a plush swan. It is made from durable material and is sturdy. I would definitely recommend this product.

  47. Fernie08

    These swans are super cute and soft,easy to put a child off and on and let them have fun! The swan is built to last and kids love having a friend to go with it! I love that I feel safe letting children play with the swan and can keep them entertained

  48. Blueyedtiffy

    I’ve had my eye on this one since she was in the womb. She rocks in it and hugs the baby swan. My daughter also watches her tablet on it with her legs on the handles. It’s super soft but firm so it will last a very long time. I feel I. Can use this for the next baby too.

  49. Sharonmos

    I received this Swan darling duo a few weeks ago. My little one is in love with it ! I can’t get her off sometimes to eat or bathe .!! If you have a little one, please get this for them ! Your child will have endless hours of fun !!

  50. Riri18

    I got this over a month ago and my daughter loves it it’s so cute I love how soft it is she sits in it just to watch tv I also love the little matching stuffed animal it came with great product for the littles

  51. Tara

    usMaryland, United States

  52. Ashleigh Stinson

    usCalifornia, United States

  53. Justina Gawel

    usOhio, United States

  54. Natalie Gonzalez

    usTexas, United States

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Swan Darling Duo™

A soft, cuddly swan rocker + a matching swan plush + your child = more playtime fun to be had!

Our Swan Darling Duo features our Swan Joyride™ character rocker and a matching stuffed toy in one adorable bundle. Two in one was never so fun. Whether you’re capturing a picture-perfect moment or creating a dreamy swan-themed bedroom, this classic combo makes for endless hours of rocking fun and cozy cuddles. Your toddler will love using their boundless energy to move and groove aboard their graceful swan friend. Then, when it’s time to hit the road, their oh-so-soft plush makes the perfect on-the-go pal.

Kid-Centric and Grown-up Approved Features

Children love to bound into the world of make-believe. Our regal Swan Joyride makes the journey oh-so-fun as they rock themselves into their next magical adventure. The matching plush only adds to the enjoyment,  perfectly blending at-home play with on-the-go friendship.

Both our Swan Joyride and adorable matching stuffed swan are chock-full of features that kids adore and parents love:

  • Super soft materials and lovely, regal design made for cuddling, rocking and endless hours of play
  • Just-my-size dimensions designed for active littles 18 months to 3 years
  • Rocker with super soft character seat on a sturdy wooden base
  • Sleigh-back format that keeps new rockers from slipping
  • Fully assembled and ready to go
  • Easily spot-cleaned with just a damp cloth

Purchase Your Swan Joyride and Matching Plush Bundle

Swans are beautiful creatures of elegance, grace and regal beauty. Our Swan Joyride and matching plush are perfectly suited to the bedroom, playroom, living room or throne room. With their long neck and golden crown, your child will love imagining their next royal adventure with their graceful swan rocker and tag-along friend. Like all Soft Landing™ products, these adorable companions are made to be well-loved for years to come.

Order your Swan Darling Duo online today and prepare for endless rocks and lots of cuddly cuteness.

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