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Rainbow Nesting Nook

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Lean back and get comfortable in the hugging arms of a Nesting Nook. Warning: spontaneous naps may occur!


  • Playful styles for any room
  • Super soft materials
  • Handy pocket to hold books, love notes and treasures

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: D: 8″, W: 16.5″, H: 8.5″
  • Spot clean: damp cloth allows for quick surface wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 5+
  • SKU# 58799
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55 reviews for Rainbow Nesting Nook

  1. Brooke E.

    usTennessee, United States

    So soft and big! Great customer service, easy to navigate website and fast shipping

  2. Anonymous

    usIndiana, United States

  3. Emily W.

    usUnited States

    Adorable, SO soft, really reasonably priced. I’m very pleased and would definitely order from this site again

  4. Nahirobys

    I received a free product of Soft Landing Nesting Nook Rainbow from tryitsampling and this pillow is not only adorable, but big and comfortable. It also has a pocket in the back and a handle for easy carry.

  5. Choleg

    My youngest is obsessed with all things unicorns and rainbows, she also loves to read books every night before bed and this pillow is perfect for that. She can slide a couple of books in the pocket in the back, and the pillow helps her sit upright to read. In her words this pillow it super soft, adorable and comfortable. She loves it!

  6. CAYBABY85

    My daughter is in love with her new nesting nook. She even uses is for her pillow at night. It is super soft and comfortable, but sturdy enough to lean and rest on. It has a pocket in the back that she stores her homeschool and just for fun books in along with her phone and tablet. This is a quality product that will be used for a long time!

  7. Ccp731

    I can’t say enough good things about this nesting nook. It is seriously amazing. It’s not just cute but so comfy and functional. My daughter doesn’t not go anywhere in the house with her nook. She uses it to nap, watch tv, and play.

  8. Sarahthehippie

    Every kid should have an amazing pillow like this! My daughter absolutely loves her rainbow nesting nook pillow! She sits on her bed and on the floor with it and cuddles up to it to read or go on her tablet . It’s so incredibly soft and comfy! She loves that it goes with her room decor too (she’s obsessed with unicorns) and it’s easy to carry around with her to take anywhere! She will be taking it on her next sleepover to grandma’s house and is so excited ! She loves it and shares it with her sisters. Awesome pillow!

  9. Mommyof4in2

    We love this nesting nook rainbow in our house! Its soft and vibrant colors and gives amazing support. My 5 year old daughter claimed it as hers because she loves rainbows. We like the nesting pocket in the back for storing our book or toys!

  10. Reviewwarrior

    My daughter absolutely loves this pillow. It matches her room perfectly and it is so cute. The colors are very bright and the pillow is soft. The padding in it is nice too. She has it in her reading book and loves to read while leaning up against her pillow.

  11. Nikki81

    My daughter absolutely loves this Nesting Nook Rainbow pillow. It is so cute and colorful. It is made of a soft fuzzy material with great details. It is very soft and lightweight. It has a handle for easy portability and a pocket on the back. My daughter keeps her book in the pocket. This is a great product and made my daughter so happy.

  12. Dayday

    My daughter absolutely loves her new rainbow nesting nook. She has it set up in our toy room. She spent time doing her homework using it. She loves it. It’s cute and comfortable to lean up against while on her chrome book. I’m going to purchase another for my 5 year old. I definitely recommend!

  13. Babydoll8707

    Nesting nook is the best my daughter loves it she uses this when she is reading her books or just wT hang tv. The color is nice and bright I would recommend this to my family and friends. You can use this nesting nook different ways

  14. Badassmama0

    I love this and so does my daughter! The only problem I had was when it said it had a pocket in it the picture looked like there was a pocket in the middle of the rainbow to put stuff into it but there isn’t a pocket in the middle of the rainbow wich is disappointing but overall we love it!

  15. Kris30

    I got this for my daughter. She loves her pillows but this one just tops it off it is so comfortable perfected to lounge on. She likes it cause it has a secret pocket for her diary so she can hide it from her brothers. She loved the colors of she loved the feel of it. Its not to bulky or big so when she goes to her grandmas she can take it with her. It Also has a handle so its easy for her to carry. Very nice pillow would definitely get another one for her.

  16. Janie7717

    I got this today for my daughter who loves to read but her reading in bed hurts her neck from time to time she can lean on this while reading and gives her support and it has a little pocket on the back to keep her book in she loves it

  17. Moriah

    Love this pillow for both my son and daughter they take turns using it. My daughter’s favorite part is the back pocket where she can hide things. This is oversized and fun. They love the bright colors and the rainbow design. I love how soft it is and wish I had one of my own!!

  18. Lncsma

    My daughter loves it! It’s soft comfortable and adorable! She uses it everywhere she goes to sit down and relax wether it’s reading watching television or just hanging out! It’s comfortable and keeps form for back support and she’s not wiggly trying to get comfortable or having to change positions to get comfortable!

  19. Mpballard

    I wanted to see how well this held up with my 5 and 7 year old daughters, and so far, so good! They have both laid on this, hit each other with it, and have thrown it back and forth to each other across their room and it still looks brand new! The seams are really strong and it’s still nice and fluffy. My 7 year old uses it while she does her homework on her tablet and my 5 year old uses it when she’s watching YouTube lol. They LOVE that it is shaped like a rainbow and the pocket has came in handy! If this was bigger, I’d totally be using it too! Definitely recommend it for your kids!

  20. LMom129

    This pillow was perfect
    For my nine year for her Òreading bookÓ. It’s the supportive back pillow she needed to not be so hunched over reading or playing in her devices. Wiped clean (PBJ sandwich) with no issue. Highly recommend!

  21. Lmc5209

    My 6 year old loves this pillow! He uses it when playing video games and watching tv. He even uses it in bed sometimes. The pocket on the back is perfect for a book or remote. It’s also so soft and comfortable. I’ve used it while sitting on the couch!

  22. Ladywolf1979

    As soon as my 7-year-old daughter saw this Nesting Nook Rainbow, she has not let it leave her sight. She has been carrying it around the house with her and even went to sleep with it last night. She says that it is super soft and she “loves it”. She also likes the pocket in the back of the pillow.

  23. Blueberry80

    I love how big and fluffy It is. My daughter felt asleep so fast she put it on her bed as a pillow. It’s her favorite now. It’s do soft and she can put her favorite book on the back has a pocket. It’s great material and beautiful rainbow design

  24. nylioness

    Love it! Not only is it super cute, it’s well made and so soft. It’s supportive and really comfortable too. My daughter loves it and now her sisters want their own too. Very happy with the pillow, the feel, and the design.

  25. Meg413

    My 4 year old daughter loves her nesting nook. She put it on her bed right away. It is really soft which she loves. She’s now able to sit up in bed and read her books or have a snack. The rainbow design is super cute! Very well made and not too heavy.

  26. Nayla

    My daughter absolutely loves this nesting nook rainbow! She said it’s everything she needed to complete her reading area in her room! She said it’s so comfy and soft! She knows at the end of the day she can sit back and relax while thinking of rainbows!

  27. Yvette8321

    This pillow is awesome and absolutely adorable!my daughter loves reading and loves rainbows so this was perfect for is made of good quality and I love the vibrant colors.the pillow is so soft but sturdy so she can sit up.I like that it is not too heavy it is perfect for her and easy for her to carry or move.

  28. Krae13

    My daughter is so in love with this pillow! Not only is it absoutley big and beautiful, it’s functional! I love that it’s so extremely soft and fuzzy. It sits you up so you can read your books, and even has a pocket on the back to store your reading material. It is great quality, and worth your money! Perfect for any little girls room!

  29. Lotilid

    Love the bright colors. It’s plush and quality material is enjoyable and will last. My daughter loves the design and the practical use of it for being propped up and ready for school and relaxing in bed playing her kindle

  30. Jmassaway

    My youngest is absolutely is obsessed with rainbows, and she was super excited about Nesting Nook Rainbow. It is a great size and my daughter loves laying against it while reading her books, or just playin with her toys. She says the clouds on the rainbow are super fluffy. The back has a cute pocket to allow her to put her favorite book in. This was definitely an amazing addition to her room decor, and beyond functional!

  31. Agentjanator

    This pillow is amazing! My kiddos love it for propping up in bed or on the couch while they do some work or play on a device. The pillow is extremely soft- both to cuddle on and to touch the fabric. The colors are bright and cheerful! There’s a handle on the top to carry it with and even a kangaroo-style pouch in the back for storage. These are fantastic pillows!

  32. Ataraxia

    We have a house full of readers and this is a new favorite pillow to read with. This is lightweight and easy for a smaller child to carry around the house. It’s super soft and absolutely adorable. There is a carrying handle at the top and a pocket for books or other items on the backside. This would make a great gift for children of a wide range of ages!

  33. Gigi16

    I love this nesting nook and do does my granddaughter! It’s so cute and soft. Very comfortable to sit and relax and read a book. The rainbow is so cute and the colors are perfect. I love the size of it

  34. brooke17

    My daughter loves rainbows and this pillow is the perfect addition to her room! She keeps it on her bed on top of a homemade rainbow quilt. She also enjoys bringing it to the living room with her for family TV time. Love the versatility!

  35. Thumbug9191

    I got this pillow for my daughter as a birthday present and it is so soft and adorable! She loved the cute rainbow design as well as the pocket on the back which is the perfect place to keep her favorite books.

  36. AmzH

    Very soft and comfortable and my toddler loves it! She loves to nestle in it during quiet time to color or look at picture books. There’s a pocket in the back to store small books or notes. It fits in very well with her room decor and is definitely a stable piece for toddlers and bigger kids.

  37. Amdoyle89

    My kids and even I love this pillow. I put it in the corner of my day bed. It’s soft but firm enough to hold its shape when you lay on it. The colors are really vibrant! One amazing thing is there’s even a pocket in the back! You can store remotes and things like that back there and not even be able to tell it’s there

  38. Vcampbell104

    This nesting nook pillow is so super soft and comfy. My 6 year old daughter loves to snuggle up on it and read a book or play on her tablet. The pocket on the back is nice to hold books or other trinkets she likes to keep close. It does seem a little heavy for her to carry, but the handle helps her to be able to carry it from room to room.

  39. kmmdc

    My daughter finds this nook comfortable! It is comfortable, colorful, and she likes the pocket in the back to put some books in! This is a great nesting nook to sit back in bed in, lay against on the floor, use as decor in bedroom, all of the above! I would recommend this for kids who are looking for something to sit against when they read/color/use laptop.

  40. nches81

    My daughter absolutely loves this nesting nook. It is a super cute rainbow design and is so comfy. She uses it not only to read in bed but also as her pillow at night. Gives good support and helps her sit up at the perfect angle.

  41. Kristina1220

    This pillow is so cute and comfortable. Great for sitting up watching tv in bed. It has an adorable back pockets so I can put my book or cell phone in. Its a great pillow to have around the home for relaxing

  42. Kwebs

    This is such a cute pillow and well made! It is bigger than I expected it to be and I would say it would be better for older elementary school age kids vs babies/toddlers, although most toddlers would love the pillow too!

  43. AshleeH

    This is so soft and cuddly! My kids love it!!! They fight over it now so I need to get another one. The kid’s have dragged this thing around the house and use it for pillow fights and all the stitching is still perfectly attached, including the handle! I highly recommend this pillow.

  44. Pkayla1987

    I love this cute pillow. My daughter loves it too. The pillow is so soft. It has a pocket on the back that my daughter can use for her little toys. It is bigger than i thought. It is a perfect size for her and she is five years old. It is one of the softest pillows i have had.

  45. srosado

    I receive this nesting nook Rainbow for review purpose. I give this to my little one and he really enjoy them. Is a very good size, great quality and colors. We can bring to the bed and be relax or use on the living room.

  46. Peeps42

    Oh my goodness my daughter loves this ao much! It is perfect for her little reading nook. It is very comfortable and the picket in the back is perfect. And not to mention it is super cute!! Get it now!

  47. tgolden1120

    My 4-0year-old daughter loves all things rainbows. I knew this pillow would be perfect for her bedroom. I tried to hide it from her when it arrived, but she saw it straight away and her face lit up. The pillow is a great size. It’s large enough for adults as well. There is a pocket on the back. She likes to use it for her iPad. It has a handle to make it simple for her to move from her bedroom to mind. It’s also amazingly soft. She absolutely adores this pillow.

  48. Lolligloss

    I’m decorating my daughter’s room in bright rainbow colors because I want it to be fun and exciting for her. I want it always to be a playful and cheerful place for her. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get this for her. She can’t read yet but loves looking at books and playing educational games on her tablet. I knew this would be the perfect addition for her bed. It was much bigger than I expected but that was a good thing to me. It’s super stuffed so provides good support. It is very soft and cuddly. The rainbow design is super cute and the bright colors were just what I was looking for. The fabric for the clouds is a different texture and I appreciate this extra detail. There is a handle on the back for easy carrying to move to a different spot or for travel. There’s a pocket on the back big enough to store a book or tablet. Unfortunately it’s not machine washable but hopefully spot cleaning it won’t be too bad.

  49. Sammi

    My son loves rainbows and loves this pillow. The material is beyond soft and its extra fluffy for comfort. The colors are bright and vibrant and he loves the touch of gold. The best part is the handle on top for easy carrying and the pocket in the back for any books or stuffed animal to tag along with them. Its very cute and he now takes it everywhere with him.

  50. Mandiej

    We live our new rainbow nesting nook. Perfect for an addition to any room, bedroom or living room. Sturdy and comfy and love the pocket addition as well. Can stick a phone, book or a tablet in it for safe keeping. Love the colors and material and comes in handy for adult or child

  51. Frogmomma2865

    My 4 year old loves using this. She uses it every single day. It seems to be made very well and strudy. She especially loves that there’s a pocket on the back where she puts a couple books at a time in.

  52. vigorousrae

    This reading pillow is so AWESOME. My daughter loves it. I got a little lamp for her to sit right next to it. She cant read yet, but she loves how soft it feels and how pretty. I laid on it and it was really comfortable. It has a little pocket in the back you can store books in or a little lamp. I want a adult version of this!

  53. Nicole

    usUnited States

    Bought this for a birthday present so it hasn’t been used yet, but it’s adorable! So big and soft I know the birthday girl will love it. Love the metallic gold in the middle and the pocket on the back. Any kid would be happy to get one of these!

  54. Gillian M.

    usNew Jersey, United States

    I love this pillow! It is even softer and cuter than I thought it would be. It’s a perfect size for my 6 year old. I love the carry around handle because I can just imagine my daughter dragging it around everywhere. My daughter is going to love it and I am very happy with this purchase.

  55. Lindsey

    usIllinois, United States

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Rainbow Nesting Nook™

Get ready for hours of comfy, cozy time in the arms of a colorful rainbow. Our Rainbow Nesting Nook is a bright and cuddly supportive backrest designed for littles who love downtime. This kid’s rainbow pillow with arms makes any seat the best seat in the house. Whether reading, resting or dreaming up their next adventure, your little will love relaxing in the warm arms of their colorful Nesting Nook.

Use it as a decorative touch in a rainbow-themed bedroom. Or, let your child use the handy handle to carry it from room to room. Our Rainbow Nesting Nook is ready and waiting for any situation where relaxation is about to happen.

Features Kids and Grown-ups Will Love

Kids love to cuddle — it’s just a fact. What better way to cozy up than in the arms of a super soft, whimsical character pillow? Our Rainbow Nesting Nook has everything your child needs to make every snooze or study session that much better. It’s also designed with tons of features that are kid-friendly and parent-approved:

  • A colorful rainbow design to brighten anyone’s day
  • Plush materials perfect for cuddles and snuggles
  • Convenient back pocket for your child’s favorite books and treasures
  • Easy carrying handle for toting from one snuggle spot to the next
  • Made for littles 18 months and up — but loved by kids and adults of all ages
  • Surface-washable materials for easy cleanup

Get Ready to Rest and Relax in the Arms of a Rainbow

Be the hero in your little’s life with our cute and cuddly Rainbow Nesting Nook from Soft Landing™. This cozy backrest makes the perfect gift and will be loved and snuggled for years to come. 

Order your Rainbow Nesting Nook online — its the only rainbow character pillow that will always have your back!