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Pizza Bestie Beanbag

4.58 (36 reviews)


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A playful perch that brings both smiles and snuggles!


  • A lovable, huggable friend
  • Super soft materials

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 32”D x 22”W x 13”H
  • Spot clean: damp cloth allows for quick surface wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 3–5
  • SKU# 58752
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36 reviews for Pizza Bestie Beanbag

  1. Vivi

    This is so cute I love it I go this a week ago and my kids love it my little one fell asleep in it its the best thing for a kids room it is stronger fabric an its bright and looks just like a slice of pizza

  2. LifeWithAnnaC

    I watch my nephews at least once a month and I wanted to make sure they had something comfy to chill out in when they get their gaming on when they hang out with us. This is the cutest beanbag that is perfect for older toddlers to younger kids (4-8yrs). It’s made really well and filled so that it doesn’t go flat so quickly. If only this was bigger so the bigger kids and adults could chill out on it with some pizza it would be perfect!

  3. Ebus

    My 8 years old loves to play video games and pizza, so this pizza chair is amazing for him. He love it so much! It’s cool, confortable and looks amazing on his play room. It’s made with great materials, looks strong and durable.

  4. Pizzaboy0756

    This little beanbag is so soft and cute! I love how detailed it is and how durable the construction is! I wanted a slice of pizza when I opened it and looked it! That’s how detailed and great this chair is LOL I would definitely recommend this to anyone with little ones!

  5. kenB

    Got this beanbag for my kids and they loved it. We love pizza at our house and they thought this was the coolest thing. The beanbag is just the right size for my kids (10 and 8), and seems pretty durable. My children love to plop down on this thing when we watch tv and my son uses as a gaming chair. Like I said it is holding up quite well and there have been no signs of any problems. Chair is well made and came with no flaws or defects. You can add beans to the bag really easily. Material is well made and is showing no signs of wear and tear. This beanbag will probably be around our house for quite a while, kids love it, well made, durable, and who doesn’t love pizza. Good product.

  6. LMarie79

    So as shown, this beanbag chair looks like a sliver of pizza!! The material is very soft and each part of the pizza is a different textured material. The ÒbeansÓ in it should hold up well. It’s pretty stuff initially which means there’s plenty of time to break them in. i LoVE that the back of the beanbag bend up slightly to create a chair back. My son loves to sit in this!

  7. SeanCampbell

    This Pizza Bestie Beanbag is really awesome! It’s such a neat design and the kids and their friends love it! It’s fun to look at and super comfortable! I definitely want to get a couple more in the future!

  8. Evie

    When I received this chair I did not realize how cute it was. My daughter did not want to get off of it. Our dogs thought it was for them lol. The only thing that’s a little annoying is the crinkling noise it makes every time she sits on it. But besides that she likes it a lot.

  9. Eileen608

    My son was super excited when the Pizza Bestie Beanbag arrived. He absolutely loves the design and spends most of his time using it for reading, and lounging. He also chose to use while playing
    his game. The beanbag is made of great quality
    and will hold a great amount of weight. Easy to clean, simply by wiping it down with a wet cloth. It’s comfortable and the perfect size.

  10. Cbeasley3269

    This is a really cool product my son loves it it’s really cute and it looks like a giant piece of pizza it fits perfectly anywhere in the house it’s lightweight and the perfect size it’s more of a firm beanbag but it’s still comfortable it has some back support so you’re not falling through like most beanbags we love it it’s cool to look at and fun to sit in would definitely recommend for kids

  11. E123

    This Soft Landing Pizza Bestie bean bag chair is great ! The perfect seat for watching tv,playing a computer game on tv or reading a book. It says to age 5 , but I think it can go a bit older depending on the child’s size. The Pizza shape and look are a kid pleasing, YEA ! Being able to adjust the bean bag to the Ôjust right’ fit helps. You can sit more upright or lean back a bit more. Perfect for children. A Big YES !

  12. willy0072

    This little bean bag chair is awesome. My kids love pizza, so I assumed they would love a chair that looks like a piece of pepperoni pizza, and sure enough they do. It is really cute and the construction is solid. My two children fight over it. Definitely a nice piece for a kids bedroom or playroom

  13. kimm

    Got this for my grandchildren, it is substantially more sturdy than prior bean bag chairs that I have seen in the past and the cute pizza look is very cute, if I had any negatives to say it would just be that the head rest area could be a tad longer…….

  14. Lala sunshine

    Got it yesterday. I put it in my den next to my favorite chair. I am using it as a foot is very comfortable. A good height ratio from the chair to my feet. It’s soft too. My grandchildren will love it too.

  15. AROOO

    I’m so in love with this pizza bean bag chair! It’s comfy and soft and has decent back support for lounging around. Kids love it so much and want one for every room. I like that it’s affordable in case I want to buy others.

  16. Carlyanna

    This Pizza Bean Bag Chair is so
    Adorable my kids love it. I put it
    In their play room and they love
    To lounge on it and watch TV
    My 11 year old sits on it while
    He plays his video games. The
    Bean bag chair looks just like
    A slice of pepperoni Pizza. It
    Looks like it will last for awhile.
    The chair has a double zipper
    On it so that the kids won’t
    Open it up. It feels like it is
    Stuffed with a million little
    Balls. All in all its cute and cozy
    And my kids absolutely love it.

  17. Tom F

    This bean bag is really cute and my 7 year old loved it. It lasted less than 24 hours before there was a giant hole. Mind you, my kid is pretty hard on his toys and belongings in general, but I expected this to last longer than one day. When I took it from him to sew it up, I realized that the cover is not removable or washable. Bummer. If I have to spot clean this, it is going to have a pretty short life even after the hole being sewn up and glued shut with fabric glue.

  18. KatieNE

    Fun little bean bag chair! The size is perfect for my small 5 year old niece. Materials are really soft and the chair itself is lightweight and easy for kids to move themselves. Really like that the back is elevated so they sit a bit more upright. Chair is easy to spot clean and we thankfully haven’t had any major spills on the beanbag. Perfect seat for any little pizza loving kids!

  19. Dave T

    My son is a pizza fanatic. The look on his face when this pizza beanbag arrived was priceless! He was so excited. He loves having his own special pizza seat to sit on. The chair itself is well made. It’s comfortable for him to sit or lounge back on. Its cushy and plush. He adores this chair, its just perfect for his age (7) and size.

  20. UK Mark

    The Pizza Bestie Beanbag has been a huge hit with my son who commandeered it as soon as it arrived.
    Now you will find him almost permanently sprawled out on it with laptop and his 2 cats by his side. It looks great in his playroom too.

  21. FluffyGirl

    Pepperoni pizza is my grandson’s favourite pizza so I thought this would be ideal for him. He says the beanbag is so soft and comfortable. He loves sitting on it in front of his TV and playing video games.

  22. Map520

    A little smaller than I expected- but very comfy. What I do like is the pizza crust is almost like a back support. It’s definitely comfy- perfect for kids. It has been getting a lot of use in front of the tv.

  23. nata0000

    This Pizza Bestie Beanbag is so awesome. This beanbag is very well made and the material is good quality. I also have to mention it’s very comfortable as well as durable, I highly recommend this product.

  24. Toni

    I got this Pizza Beanbag about 2 weeks ago and my grandchildren have not left it alone. In fact they argue over who gets it first so I had to put a time limit on it. It is also easy to clean. A warm wet cloth can get most accidents out. So happy to have gotten this. I’m going to buy another, to stop the arguments. I highly recommend to all Grandparents.

  25. Neenee2015

    I recieved this product to try out, it is sturdy to set on, Not like most you sink into. My granddaughter loves its she put it her room here. Her little friends like it also. I never seen one like a pizza slice, and she she its comfortable for sitting on watching TV

  26. Jules321

    This Pizza Bestie Beanbag is my daughters new favorite place to sit and play office. She loves to sit on it. It looks super cool in her room and all her friends want to sit on it as well. The only thing I would have to mention is that it makes a crunchy noise from the beans inside when you sit on it.

  27. LiaK99

    I got this beanbag, in the shape of a piece of pizza, with my 15 yo daughter in mind. I like that the beanbag is pretty big, it stands up off the ground and the “crust” even serves as a back to the “chair” that is the pizza slice. The density seemed a little tight in my opinion, but my daughter thought it was perfect. She absolutely loves this and has already posted photos of her new beanbag to her social media accts. Her friends all seem to love it and asks her where she got it and how to get one themselves. Definitely a brand I would buy a beanbag from again, it doesn’t sag and it very well stitched together. It’s also fuzzy and soft with a corduroy type material on the sides of the pizza, meant to look like bread crust. It’s super fun and doesn’t take up much space on her floor.

  28. Charms240

    As soon as I saw this Pizza Bestie Bean bag I was happy I knew I had to have it for my kids they would love it and be so much fun since its a pizza. It arrived we were all so happy my five year old tried it to watch a movie she curled up on it for a while and enjoyed her self, it was not too hard or soft has a good consistency to lay on. My three year old got on it he liked it but not so much its short not long enough for them to put their legs out or wide enough to get cozy on it. So it was not such a great hit with the kiddos, maybee smaller ages would enjoy more with supervision I observed those things with my kids but they still do use it to read a book in the corner so its not like they dont like it, they combine it with a soft chaor they have amd prop their feet up to be more comfy when watching tv. After a couple of uses im not sure if my husband sat on it and caused a ripp across the front lower part of the pizza beanbag but the inside did not come out so that was great news its good material and its very durable and double for it can with stand rough play with the kids, and of coarse age appropriate persons to sit on it, I sowed it up and looks good as new. I would buy again in another design for my son I do like how my daughter grabs her bestie pizza and reads a book near the window but with her legs stretched out I dont see her to comfortable as I thought she would be with her long legs but to just sit on looks good just a bit short.

  29. reina2472

    I had a chance to try the Pizza Beanbag, My son loves this Pizza Beanbag assembly required and it had become his favorite toy …it’s a little big and can take up some space but it’s fine ..I’m looking to buy another one soon !!!

  30. eileen01

    Can’t think of any child who wouldn’t want this cute beanbag! Looks just like a slice of pepperoni pizza. Great for a child to use as a recliner or just to use to sit on. Super soft and made really well.

  31. Rana D

    The Pizza Bestie Beanbag has been a huge hit with my son who commandeered it as soon as it arrived. Now you will find him almost permanently sprawled out on it with laptop and his 2 cats by his side. It looks great in his playroom too.

  32. egoodwin

    I am using this as a step for my elderly cat to jump up on the windowsill. It is the perfect height and when he wants down it is the perfect landing spot for him. It looks so cute in my living room. It is a great little chair/beanbag It is a little more compact than the beanbags of old so I think it will hold up great in the long term.

  33. Pobilly1973

    My Grandson Loves the Pizza Bestie Beanbag! It’s light enough he can drag it around everywhere, but sturdy enough that he can sit it in without falling over. It’s the perfect size for a toddler, (he’s 3 almost 4). He loves Pizza so what a perfect chair to sit in when he eats his pizza. He has been a picky eater in the past and now we allow him to sit in his Pizza chair only if he eats all his food. The bean bag is super comfy and soft. He sits in it and leans his head on the back (crust of the pizza) and watches his cartoons/movies. It’s super fun for him and totally adorable!

  34. Angwags1

    This pizza shaped bean chair is so cute and fun!! The fabric is so soft and plush. The colors are so vibrant. The bean bag is filled nicely and is so supportive and comfortable. The stitching is tight and is quality constructed. This bean bag is fantastic!

  35. piolinve

    I got this item as a gift for my grandson’s second birthday. He loves it, he likes pizza a lot and this is a lovely cushion to play with. The fabric is soft which is a must for a kid. The colors are bright. I would recommend it.

  36. Mommy Eve

    This Pizza Beanbag from Soft Landing
    was a big success for my 5 year old niece, Rebecca. Since it arrived she has not let go of it. It is now by her bedside which she sits on while I read her bedtime story.

    Perfectly crafted to imitate our all time favorite snack. The outer crust stitching is on point and this is such a cute idea. This is suitable for ages 5 and up.

    It is packed solid and firm but after a few good uses it has become softer and more comfy.

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