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Pink Dino Nesting Nook

4.88 (60 reviews)


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Lean back and get comfortable in the hugging arms of a Nesting Nook. Warning: spontaneous naps may occur!


  • Playful styles for any room
  • Super soft materials
  • Handy pocket to hold books, love notes and treasures

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: D: 8″, W: 16.5″, H: 8.5″
  • Spot clean: damp cloth allows for quick surface wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 5+
  • SKU# 60524
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60 reviews for Pink Dino Nesting Nook

  1. Erin

    usUnited States

    My daughter loves that she has a reading pillow just like mom! She is just starting to read independently and this has been a great addition:). Thank you!

  2. Jessica

    usUnited States

    This is absolutely ADORABLE and the dino is so so soft. My daughter just loves carrying it around and putting toys in the little pocket. I would highly recommend!

  3. Courtenay L.

    usUnited States

    I bought this for my Granddaughter and she loves it. Looks just like the photo

  4. Chelsey T.

    usUnited States

    Absolutely love this! So soft and adorable!!! My daughter loves snuggling up to watch a movie with this!

  5. Melissa

    usOregon, United States

    Bought the Pink Dino Nesting Nook for my nieces birthday and as I was wrapping it, my little 3 year old spotted it and fell in love! Ended up ordering another one a few days later for my daughter. Definitely kiddo approved!

  6. Becky Cressman

    usOhio, United States

  7. Rebecca Avalos

    usOhio, United States

  8. Katelyn C.

    usUnited States

    Bought for my daughter. It’s so soft and comfy she sleeps with it and doesn’t share. I need one for myself.

  9. Karenc

    We love this adorable dinosaur! It’s bigger than I thought but it’s perfect! It has a pocket to store her iPad when she’s done with it and she looks so cute resting on it watching her little videos or playing her little games. It’s a great idea.

  10. BearsMom

    This nesting nook is definitely a favorite. I got this with the intention of using myself but my son has taken to it. It’s soft and bigger than I thought it would be which is nice. The pocket is spacious and nice to put books, remotes, etc.. super cute! Get one your back will thank you.

  11. Amanda19

    So I got the pink Dino pillow for my daughter and she loves it uses it all day when she is playing or even sleeping it’s so darn cute I remember having them when I was little lol I’m glad I got it for her

  12. Beautevilqueen

    I received this product and immediately gave it to my son to try out. He absolutely loved it! It’s so soft very warm and very lightweight. I love that it has a handle so my son can take it wherever he wants to sit and be comfortable. It’s cute that it even has a little pocket on the back of it.

  13. Jade

    My daughter absolutely love this pillow! She’s been in love with dinosaurs lately and this pink dino resting nook is perfect for her. This dino is nice and firm allowing my baby to relax comfortably. Its super soft and has a nice big pocket for her to hide her favorite dinosaur. Its a nice fit for my little one.

  14. DeePTX

    This back rest pillow is super comfy!
    It is adorable and appears to be very well made with high quality material. It doesn’t have a synthetic smell as some plush/faux fur items do. It is also a great general kid size not too big and not too small for older kids, parents could even cuddle up against this back rest. The colors are vibrant and the design is Aesthetically pleasing enough to be left on a sofa or added as decoration in a room.

  15. muempyre

    This little nesting dino pillow is absolutely adorable but may not be the comfiest option. The fabric is super soft and the pocket on the back makes it easy to have a book or tablet in arms reach at all times. The only issue is the bumps on the front where you would place your back, because they are not flat the pillow is uncomfortable.

  16. Sasa

    This pink dinosaur pillow is so cute and soft. It has a really nice feeling material on the outside and the color is really nice. I like that it has a handle on top and that it’s firm enough to last a long time . Good quality !

  17. Jessicak

    Holy moly is this dino nesting nook adorable!! Its super soft and makes the perfect back rest. I love that it has a handle for easy carrying, my 3 year old was able to move it wherever she wanted. I also really like the pocket on the back! It’s such great quality and looks like it will last for a very long time. Best gift for a dino lover!

  18. Arlette07

    This Nesting Nook Dino is freaking cute. Not only is it cute; it’s fluffy, squishy and comfortable to lay back and relax. It has a pocket in the back to hold accessories. My daughter decided to put books inside hers. This is way better than plain regular ones. Your little one will not be disappointed.

  19. Amy84

    This dino pillow is so cute and comfy! It is super soft and my kids love the little pocket on the back for storing books or electronic devices. It is super fluffy and overall pleasant to look at and touch!

  20. Linds13

    This pillow is adorable and comfortable! It is super soft and has the most adorable details that really give it character. My 5 year old drags it all over the house to rest on while doing remote learning or playing on the tablet. She stores snacks and hides toys in the back pocket. It is a super sweet and perfect reading pillow for my kid who is just learning how to read. She and I both love it!

  21. Cyoung2015

    I got this for my honest review. I got it for my daughter who is 6 months old and it’s nice to have something soft behind her instead of her just falling over! I love the color and the dinosaur shape!

  22. Melissa77

    I’m so happy that I ordered this cute kids back pillows. My little girl has a day bed against the wall and this way she can sit up in bed and at the same time helps prevent things from fall between the bed and wall. She uses it everyday. It is not only cute but it has a storage pocket in the back.

  23. Mullins

    I really like this Dino pillow. It is super cute. It is also comfortable. It is great for sitting in bed reading or watching television. It is the perfect size too. It’s not too big or too little. The color is bright and it looks great. I would recommend it for sure.

  24. Heatherbartley

    My daughter loves this. She loves stuffed animals and honestly I was surprised at how BIG this is. She says it’s so comfortable and if I’m being honest when I laid down to take a nap, I grabbed it and slept on it as well. Very comfortable and you can store stuff in the back of it as well. Very cool.

  25. Ahutsell

    I love how soft this is. My daughter has recently been asking for us to read a story every night before bed. This pillow allows her to sit up comfortably and supported while we read. Highly recommended

  26. Anonymous

    usUnited States

  27. amctpg

    Oh my goodness! As soon as I took the pink dino out of the package I realized I didn’t want to give it up to my twin nieces but unfortunately they saw it as soon as they got home from school and have been arguing over who gets to sleep with it first lol. It is super adorable and so soft and there’s even a handle on top and a large pocket on the back. I was thinking too use the pocket for the girls books. I even told my sister she’s going to need to purchase another one because it is seriously that good!! (Even I want one and I’m 43!)

  28. Kross

    My daughter has fallen head over heels in love with this pillow. The fact it has a handle has a lot to do with it since she can now carry it room to room with her as well as put her electronics in the little pocket. It’s like an all-in-one comfort item. She plans on taking it to her Nana’s house, on vacation, and anywhere else she can possibly imagine. Bravo on adding the handle and pocket, that definitely made this a top notch product!

  29. Nikki017

    I got this for my soon to be 9 year old niece. She loves to sit in her bed and read books. This was perfect for her since it makes it easy for her to read anywhere comfortably. It’s also super cute and has a little slit in the back to hold books

  30. sandra77

    First, Soft Landing… THANK YOU for making this backrest PINK! I have a dino obsessed girl and it sometimes feels impossible to find anything dinosaur in her favorite colors! So this Nesting Nook Pink Dino is now her favorite thing EVER! The furry material is so soft and beautifully colored. There is even a pouch on the back – which she really loves. Very well made – I definitely recommend this product!

  31. Cjkh

    My little kiddo assess the cleaning is cute it is so soft she takes it when we are on the road even and the rings out to the living room use it in her bedroom it is really one of her favorites super cute would highly recommend

  32. Kiki23

    My three year old daughter loves here dino. Its perfect for lounging around and watching tv or her tablet. It is super soft. It has a little handle so she can easily carry it around the house. There is also a pocket in the back where she puts her books or tablet.

  33. Spjp8184

    This Dino is the softest and cutest thing ever. I love how it has a pocket on the back. The pink Dino is very durable and definitely worth every penny. I am already thinking about buying another one for the kids!

  34. Kjokc

    Oh my goodness the Nesting Nook Pink Dino is absolutely adorable! Our 10.5 month little girl LOVES this! She loves stuffed animals, and this is no different! She climbs all over it and lays on it… so adorable to watch. The Nesting Nook Pink Dino is so soft and comfy to the touch, the perfect pink for lil girls! Definitely very good quality. Any small child will love the Nesting Nook Pink Dino!!

    Over 50% teams points

  35. Schojanclan

    My 7 year old loves this. It’s great for when she’s reading. It has a pocket in the back to hold books and other objects. It also has a handle to easy carry and transport. Cute design as well! Perfect for any little reader in your life.

  36. Peace92

    My son and daughter love this nesting nook! It is so elegant and comfortable to lay on. This would make a beautiful gift for a loved one or just for your precious children. I would def. Recommend it for all the kids that love dinos!

  37. Metalmom

    This little Dino stole my daughters heart when I got it. I had been looking for something like this and I found the perfect one. She loves using it and she tells me is super comfy mommy! It is absolutely adorable. We love it.

  38. Mackenzie

    where to even start! This guy is so cute! And wow, is she soft. The colors are very bold and they pop!! My daughter is absolutely obsessed with this cute little dinosaur. Its a great little prop up pillow. We love it. Highly recommend!!!!

  39. Thump

    So cute and cuddly. My daughter loves it to support her back while reading and watching tv. They are very sturdy and super soft! Handy large pocket along the back of the dino. Makes it perfect to put her tablet or book in. This pillow is big enough for a small adult to lean on and is made with great quality We love it! Exactly as it was described plus more. Pictures don’t do it justice. The color on it is so bright and beautiful.

  40. Love18

    My daughter loves this Nesting Nook Pink Dino. It is very plush and soft. She uses it for back support when she sitting on her bed reading books. She likes the pocket in the back. She puts her books or small toys in the pocket when she’s done reading or playing with the toys. My son likes it also. I think I’m going to have to but him one next.

  41. [email protected]

    Nesting Nook Pink Dino It’s the most amazing pillow, it’s very soft and comfortable, it had a pocket for holding tablets, books pencils, it’s the perfect gift for my daughter, she feels like a princess and enjoys watching a movie or read a book on your pillow. The quality materials are excellent.

  42. Becca4410

    This pillow will be stolen from another family member when you’re not looking. Color is vibrant, it’s stuffing is soft and cozy, yet firm, so it’s perfect for resting your head. Its a little heavy cause it’s big! But that’s to be expected! Pocket in the back is nifty. Perfect spot for end of bed or reading corner. So find the reading spot in the house or the spot your little one likes to cozy up to and plop there. The little ones will be sure to snuggle up with it!

  43. Babylove30

    I was super excited to receive this in the mail because I was giving this as a gift to my niece and she loves it so much she likes playing with it and laying on it when she on her phone and doing her school work

  44. Usacntrygirl

    My daughter has been asking for one of these forever and then I saw this dino one. Her eyes lit up like I haven’t seen in a while. The details are so cute. She loves that the gold scales look like rainbows in the light. The pocket in the back is perfect for her to stash her book when she’s ready to go to sleep. One unintended bonus, she had a cold last week and used this to prop herself up to sleep so her nose wouldn’t get plugged. Definitely one of the best things she’s ever gotten.

  45. Rdnckcwgrl

    I got this for my daughter since she likes lying on the floor instead of the couch and it’s absolutely adorable. She likes that it’s big enough for her to lay against or lay with it in bed as a pillow. She also likes that she can hide her tablet in the pocket behind it so her brothers can’t get it I highly recommend this product product

  46. Adri_g760

    I received nesting nook pink Dino about 3 weeks ago for my children’s reading nook. It fits perfectly in the corner for my children to sit up against while they read. It’s a very cute very quality made I love the pocket on the back for when they want to take their books somewhere and the carrying handle makes it easy for them to travel with. Very cute

  47. Mamacudney

    This pillow is soooo adorable. I bought it to add to my soft corner in my daycare but once my 9 year old daughter touched it it was gone. She claimed it as hers and I have not seen it since. It isnsuoer soft and t was a really good size. Good for a reading space or to snuggle.

  48. KrisD

    My little one loves her nesting nook dino. She 3 she drags it around by all of her toys, sets it up and relaxes while she plays. It’s the cutest and the dino is adorable. Very soft, well made and pretty easy to clean with baby wipes. I haven’t tried to wash it because it doesn’t have a care instructions tag. The age range is 18+ months but depending on how accident prone with drinks the kids are, would depend on if I thought this was good or not. Only because I’m not sure how to get it clean if it’s soaked.

  49. Mindo

    This pillow is so soft! It’s super cuddly and my daughter loves it! Heck, I love it, I even sit up in bed with it as support. The pink dino is absolutely adorable and fuzzy. Such a fun addition to a little girls room.

  50. steph33

    The Soft Landing Nesting Nook Pink Dino is so adorable! It’s so soft and comfortable, perfect for my little ones to lean right into. There’s a handle at the top to easily move this cutie around and there’s a pocket on it’s back to hold a book or tablet. Such a cute design and my kiddos love it!

  51. SarahN

    My daughter absolutely loves her pink dino and it is so precious! It is do soft and cuddly and also very well made. It is overstuffed to give support and keep is shape. It’s truly a pillow that is made to grow with your child and I can see my girl using it for many years to come. It’s an attention getter and she keeps it front and center on her bed. It’s easy to clean and is fine in the washer or dryer.

  52. Lilwritinghood

    The moment I opened the box I was stunned and happy with the product. Firstly these dinosaurs are incredibly adorable. Secondly they are SO soft.
    There’s a slot on the back to hold books and the cute design makes them great for any dino lover. My kids love to read and sit on the floor so this is great for them and it was the perfect gift from the easter bunny !
    I first got the pink one then decided my son needed another. Great job on soft landings part for design and durability.
    Can’t wait to see them In the reading nook area.
    They also have a handle at the top to help easily move from one spot to another. They will be well loved

  53. Rose4krystal

    My 3 year old daughter lover her dinosaur. She brings it everywhere and its super soft and just great all around. I would recommend a zipper to be put in so you can take off the top and wash ot in the future. There is a pocket in the back but it’s not that convienent.

  54. Mishababy

    I got this for my son and it is so comfortable. He uses it to watch tv. He likes the pocket in the back he can put video games or small toys in it. It is easy to spot clean as well. Soft and comfy to sit on.

  55. Paristumbles

    My daughter loves this! It is so comfy and nice to use when reading or playing on her tablet. The dino is so adorable and extremely well made. The details are great and my daughter likes the pocket in the back. She did say that the stripes on his belly can be a little uncomfortable on her back sometimes but she just has to adjust the way she is sitting.

  56. TheTruMJ

    My child adores his dino nesting nook pillow. The color is so vivid and pretty. I love the fact that this pillow is available in the color because when it comes to dinosaur stuff its always in a boys color or a neutral color. GIRLS LIKE DINOS TOO!! the quality of the fabric is so nice. Its plush and soft like silk to the touch. Its filled not to firm but enough to support the back properly. Its super comfortable my child fell asleep on it thats how comfy it is. The details on the dinosaurs face and body are perfectly aligned and make the pillow stand out even more!! So super cute and functional. Love it!!

  57. KAJ628

    The color of Soft Landing’s Nesting Nook Pink Dino is exactly as pictured. It is such a bright beautiful color. It is actually bigger than I thought it would be and can cuddle a child comfortably. It is big enough for me. It is very soft and comfy. It also holds the shape well.

  58. Gillian M.

    usNew Jersey, United States

    I love this pillow! It is even softer and cuter than I thought it would be. It’s a perfect size for my 4 year old. I love the carry around handle because I can just imagine my daughter dragging it around everywhere. My daughter is going to love it and I am very happy with this purchase.

  59. Jennifer B.

    usNew York, United States

    I’m sure the item is nice as other items I received in the past are but it still hasn’t arrived. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift and doesn’t even look like it will get there in time.

    • Soft Landing

      Oh no! We are so sorry to hear that you experienced delays in getting your Pink Dino Nesting Nook! Please look out for an email from one of our joy-filled ambassadors so we can get this resolved. XO Soft Landing

  60. Gary Booth

    usNew Jersey, United States

    Very Happy with Dino and our granddaughter loves it.

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Pink Dino Nesting Nook™

Our Pink Dino Nesting Nook is a far cry from ferocious. This cozy, cuddly companion is the perfect place for littles to relax and rest after a full day of active play. The cute and colorful dino features a peaceful smile, and it’s all cuddled up and ready for pure relaxation and comfort. Your child won’t have a care in the world as they cozy down for a few moments of dreaming, reading or snoozing.

While our Pink Dino Nesting Nook is designed for kids 18 months and up, big kids and adults alike can’t resist this plush pink friend who looks good and feels even better. Pink Dino is ready for any situation that calls for complete comfort.

Pink Dino Nesting Nook Key Features

If you purchase this adorable backrest, spontaneous naps may occur. Your child will be so warm and relaxed in the embrace of their whimsical pink friend. Our Pink Dino Nesting Nook is more than just a cozy place to study, snooze or unwind. This cushy companion comes with tons of features designed to delight kids and the adults in their life:

  • An adorable design made to bring a smile to any child’s face
  • Made with super soft material for hours of snuggling
  • Handy back pocket to store books, knickknacks and other assorted treasures
  • Carrying handle so Pink Dino can go anywhere relaxation is about to happen
  • Easily spot-cleaned with a damp cloth

Find Your Child’s Perfect Pink Dino Companion

Whether you’re completing your child’s dino-themed room decor or looking to optimize their downtime, Pink Dino Nesting Nook from Soft Landing™ makes the perfect gift. Nab this adorable fluffy friend for the little in your life.

Order your cozy Nesting Nook online today! Your child will be thrilled to have a cozy place to dream and scheme.