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Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket

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Imaginative play meets centering downtime in this super comfy, hooded and weighted character blanket. Removable weights allow littles to enjoy the best of both worlds – both night and day!


  • Hood to keep little heads warm
  • Just one piece to a super cute and themed bedroom set
  • Thoughtfully weighted for calmness (3 lbs.)

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 1”D x 40”W x 50”H
  • Machine wash friendly: remove weights prior to wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 3+
  • SKU# 62510
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49 reviews for Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket

  1. Tjastin

    My toddler is into sharks and loves anything sharks. This blanket it’s so cute and extremely soft. I love that you can insert the weight inside of it when needed. He son literally calms down and relax when he snuggled up in this blanket. It’s definitely a win win for me

  2. Mommyboo

    This blanket is super cute and very comfortable my kids really like it, my son’s favorite thing to do is wrap inside of it and try to scare his sister; it’s very warm and cozy and can be used in the room or on the couch to cuddle in. I did wash the blanket before my son used it and it washed well, came out looking brand new however I used no heat to dry it. I recommend this AWESOME blanket.

  3. luvmyboys27

    My boys absolutely love sharks so I was very happy yo come across this shark weighted blanket. I had been researching one for quite a while before making the decision.

    The blanket is roughly 3 pounds and is 40 inches long by 50 inches wide. Perfect for snuggling!!

  4. Triplea1019

    I got this for my 4.5yr old son. It has turned into a fight over the blanket between him and his two older sisters. Even without the added weights, it’s fairly heavy and they all love how soft it is. The weights are a bit awkward to put in, though.

  5. mraiten227

    I gave this hooded shark blanket to my 2 year old. Let me tell you when I say he slept like a baby, I don’t mean up every couple of hours. I mean he slept, and slept. It must have been as if he was being held the whole time. I highly recommend this product.

  6. Skinnerk

    I got the Hooded Shark Weighted Blanket for my two year old grandson and he loves it!! It is super soft and the perfect size with length to grow with! It has a removable weight that goes along the shoulders and it seems to help him calm down a lot! He loves wearing the hood and wrapping it around him during the day! It is machine washable and is made with good quality material! I would recommend this product!

  7. Lizzypandas1

    This blabket is so cute. My toddler really loved her shark blanket. Right away she began to sing the baby shark song. And pretended to be a shark swimming around the water and chasing her dad. It was so cute. My only critique would have to be the weight. I don’t think its necessary and its a little to heavy for my toddler to on her if she goes to sleep.

  8. Holly

    I got this for free for my.son and he loves it it’s Soo soft he carrys it everywhere he goes it’s not to light or to heavy just perfect for him ! I love it can not believe how soft it is and how big it really is covers him from head to toe!!

  9. Jcali11

    This Hooded shark weighted blanket is just too cute!!
    First of all, it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.. it can wrap around my oldest kiddo who is 12 but my little one, who is 9, really loves this weighted shark blanket!
    The hooded part of this blanket is a shark head. The shark is really adorable.. I love that it has a fin on its head and that it has teeth too!
    The color of the blanket is a really beautiful blue on the outside and on the inside it is a lighter color.
    The kiddos and I both agreed that this blanket is extremely soft! It feels like you’re being wrapped in a cloud and its probably one of the most comfortable blanket i’ve felt.
    I really like that the weights are easily removable. They are not too heavy and my little one really likes how they feel on.. said it kind of felt like he was being hugged.
    The blanket washes really well.. there were no loose seams or threads and I just hung it out to dry.
    I would definitely recommend. We leave it on the couch and i’ll have to admit.. my kiddos are not the only ones who use it!

  10. Rheller

    My three year old son loves this shark weighted blanket. It is super soft and pretty big in size. I wasn’t sure of how big it would be and it’s bigger than I thought. The weights are easy to remove for washing.

  11. Lorielnj

    I was so happy when this came and I was so relieved that it wasn’t extremely heavy because I’m always nervous about getting weighted blankets for my babies. He loves that it’s a shark I learned I am and it’s super long and so I don’t have to worry about it not being enough cover for him it’s also a really nice size and width which is great too I love that the weights are on the end of the blanket are the only thing that I would say is maybe a bit of a negative is that the the weights don’t seem to be able to have anything to hold them in place so I’m always concerned that they may slip out. Other than that this is the perfect blanket and definitely helps him stay still and calm when we watch TV and movies together so all in all I think this is a win it’s nice to be able to find a nice blanket I have for a toddler I am without having to worry about whether or not it’s gonna be too heavy or not would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a weighted blanket for their kid.

  12. Cheissh

    I love this. It’s cute, and my son loves it. It’s so soft and comfortable. I’ll be buying these as gifts for Christmas time and all the kids love shark these days. I have no complaints the weighted part helps him calm down.

  13. Bcarp97

    This weighted hooded blanket is so unbelievably silky soft it’s almost like it melts. So warm and silky. Love the bright blue of the front and then on the reverse side it’s a light grey. The weighted part in it is heavy and my little guy just loves it and it calms him down before he just falls asleep. It’s a perfect size for an adult or a child to use.

  14. Kp23

    Soft landing hooded shark weighted blanket is amazing! My little one couldn’t fall asleep some nights but since he has been using his weight blanket he has been resting better! And never wants to take it off! Parents is your child can fall asleep this is the blanket to get plus your little can play with it while relaxing to go to sleep!

  15. Sassyjassy35

    I received this shark blanket for my daughter she loved it she puts it over her all the time. It’s soft and it has a shark hat that you put over your head. She walks around with her blanket she said it soft warm and it wraps around you and snuggles you like a nice warm blanket.

  16. Ladywolf85

    This is a really great blanket for any kid, but especially for a child with needs. It is super soft, and the 3lbs that you add to it is perfect. It’s not heavy or too light. It feels “like a hug” when it is worn. I would definitely recommend this to parents.

  17. Rach191y

    Just received the hooded shark weighted blanket by Soft Landing. I wasn’t sure how it would be as we’ve never used a weighted blanket before. The weights were easy to put in but I didn’t see a good way to secure them inside- no velcro or fastener so the opening is always there. The weights were also at the top of the blanket. I’m not sure if this is standard or the weights are usually distributed throughout, as like I said we’ve never had a blanket like this before. The material was soft and seems to be easy to clean.

  18. ladylenier

    I gave this Soft Landing Hooded Shark Weighted blanket as a gift to a six-year-old who just loves it! She takes all of her naps with it now. I like the softness of the blanket as well as the weight of it. This blanket is different than what I expected. The weights are removable and are behind the neck. Sometimes she takes the weights out and plays with them, so please know they are removable and full of glass beads. That is my only concern. The blanket itself is otherwise perfect and makes a good gift item for a child.

  19. Loulou93

    Got this for my son, as he loves sharks and as soon as he saw it he put it on! He didn’t take it off until it was time for bed haha. The only thing he didn’t like was the weighted part of the blanket so we took it out. I personally don’t like the placement of the weights. The weights slide through the hand pockets and its very easy for kids to pull them out. Other than that, it’s super soft and long enough for a 4 year old where it doesn’t drag on the floor.

  20. kitkattmac

    Got this for my son, as he loves sharks and as soon as he saw it he put it on! He didn’t take it off until it was time for bed haha. The only thing he didn’t like was the weighted part of the blanket so we took it out. I personally don’t like the placement of the weights. The weights slide through the hand pockets and its very easy for kids to pull them out. Other than that, it’s super soft and long enough for a 4 year old where it doesn’t drag on the floor.

  21. Mrsdunlap17

    The blanket itself is nice soft so comfy. But…. the weight that you put in is frustrating is falls out all the time and never wants to stay in place I would rather have it sewed into the blanket. My kid is asking all the time to fix it I’m ready to toss the weight and start over.

  22. Jenny5595

    The hooded shark weighted blanket is such a cute blanket. I love that its so soft to the touch. And the shark hood is the perfect size on my 5 year old son. The weighted blanket comes with the weights and the blanket itself. Its very easy to assemble. And when my son wearing it he says it feels like the shark is giving him a hug. I am very pleased with this product. And my son loves it. He says its his new favorite blanket.

  23. Dee0599

    I absolutely love the hooded shark weighted blanket. It is the softest blanket I’ve ever felt. It’s light enough for a small child. Perfect for laying around on a cold rainy day or even just to cuddle with at night. My kids love it and now I’m on the hunt for a giraffe one. I definitely recommend this for anyone with kids. They are cute, soft, and have good benefits.

  24. jess89

    i got this for my 4yr old because he keeps trying to take his sisters blanket and needed one that was more appropriate for his weight. he loves that its a shark and keeps trying to pretend its eating him haha… now he hasn’t tried sleeping with it yet but that will come eventually is my assumption

  25. Mhelcl7

    I received this weighted blanket about a week ago now. It is very soft and cozy!!! It’s super cute! Very well made! While I love the concept, I think the weights are a little too heavy for a small child. My son is 4 and he does not like the weights in. Without the weights, it is his new favorite blanket!

  26. Tiam

    My husband and I have been wanting to get a weighted blanket for our middle child and we thought this would be perfect. The material is so soft and it keeps his warm. He loves the hood and the 3lb weights help calm him. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because there’s nothing to hold the weights in and we end up readjusting them quite often. We’re happy with it though.

  27. Falon

    My son loves this Hooded Shark Weighted Blanket. It’s super soft. It isn’t too heavy. He loves snuggling with it and he loves the hood. This is a really high quality weighted blanket that also provides some fun for kids and comfort.

  28. Nene87

    This soft landing blanket is so soft, cute, big & perfectly weighted for children! I got this item for my 4 year old nephew who loves blankets but also has trouble falling & staying asleep at night. Because I don’t like to have the children’s faces in reviews/online, my friend helped hold the blanket up to show it’s colors/size for the pictures I posted below. Now back to the soft landing shark weighted blanket. This blanket has a light blue outside & grey inside, a shark face & teeth hood, “paws” for kids to put their hands in & a sleeve that can be added or removed that weights approximately 3 lbs! The material is so soft & cuddly! It also is able to be washed (weights removed) which is a must for children’s items. The blanket comes with the weight strip not inserted, the blanket it self has a nice strength to it. The sewing is very well done & is sturdy. To add or remove the weights, there is a slit opening right under on of the paws. My nephew loves it! He loves putting the hood on to pretend he’s a shark & just wrapping up in this ultra soft blanket. My sister said he gets very cozy in the blanket & it helps him fall asleep easier than before. He still is waking up some at night, but not as much as before. I’m hoping over time, this will be the most fun & comfortable sleep solution for him. This is a great product & we are all happy with it!

  29. Mommyyyyy

    My son on the spectrum loves this blanket. It’s his first weighted blanket and he was immediately calmed by it. It’s absolutely adorable and fits him just enough. He’s 5 and is 46Ó tall. While it’s nice to that you can remove the weighted bags for cleaning, they tend to fall out easily and there’s no good way to secure them which is the only downside.

  30. karleenicole

    I ordered this for my 3.5 year old. I like how the weights can be an option as you can take them out or put them in. The blanket is very soft on both sides and the hooded shark is very cute! My child is sleeping very well with this blanket. I place the weighted hood right at his neck/lower back when covered.

  31. Cpn89

    This is a very soft and cozy blanket for kids. My son loved the shark character. We loved how soft the blanket is. One of the most softest I have ever touched. The quality of the blanket is well made. I love how you have an option to remove the weights to wash the blanket. The weights to the blanket are not too heavy. Puts my son to sleep and he looks forward to going to bed now with his favorite shark blanket.

  32. Calbtx

    So I got this for my 5-year-old and I was thinking it was going to be a full weighted blanket. This is a snuggle blanket and not really meant to be slept with because they heavy weighted part goes across the arms which would be in the shoulder section. But if you lay down with the blanket in bed that would go right across your neck

  33. mcredden

    My son is on the spectrum and we’re always looking for new weighted items for him, so when I got the chance to grab this, I did! I’m so glad I did, he loves it. I love how cute it is and how it’s weighted but not super heavy. The material is very nice feeling as well, which is a great bonus.

  34. TLCJ

    I originally got this for my son but soon realized my daughter was using it more often. She has ADHD and has trouble sitting still a lot of times. The 3 pound weighted insert is perfect! She can lay it across her lap while doing online school work and doesn’t wiggle, jiggle and fidget as much. It is also super cute and soft. My son likes to take the weighted insert out , put the hood on his head, hands in the pockets and run around ‘scaring’ people.

  35. Trishu

    I have recently gotten to try this hooded weighted blanket for my little one. I am very pleased with the quality of this blanket. It seems to be very durable. My little one absolutely loves this blanket. It’s very soft. The weight seems to help him calm down while he enjoys his downtime.

  36. Kotis1984

    This blanket is so adorable! The little hood looks like a shark head with teeth! And it is so soft! My grandson loves it! The weight is a little more than I expected however it seems to be perfect for him! He won’t leave this blanket alone.

  37. Sarahspracklin

    My daughter loves the blanket itself but she doesn’t care for the placement of the weights – they’re in the shoulder area and not distributed around the blanket. Even without the weights the blanket is heavy and gives a secure hug like feeling- could have done without the actual weight but they could prove useful in the future.

  38. Merissa77

    I got the Hooded Shark Weighted Blanket for my son and I’m so happy I did. He loves it , he takes it everywhere he go . He loves how soft it and it keeps him warm. I definitely recommend this product . Thank you for such a great product. Keep up the excellent work.

  39. Sapphire92

    I received this product as an in home test product for free in the mail in exchange for my personal opinion and i would definitely have to say that this product is super effective an a must have in any parents home

  40. Jlee

    This has a really good concept but falls short. My son (3 years) does really like this blanket but it falls short as to where I think it should be. Meaning the weighted part is only around the neck park. It is like a long skinny insert that goes in around the next part. Which the insert slips out easily with nothing to enclose it. I feel like for a weighted blanket to be effective it needs to have the weight distributed evenly. It is very soft and nicely made with a cute design.

  41. kisa

    Soft Landing – Hooded Shark Weighted Blanket has a super cute design of sea shark. The blanket is made from soft material. And my child likes playing that sea imaginative game. What an interesting design ! I like Soft Landing hooded blanket quality.

  42. Mystina83

    My son has always had a thing for blankets and always having one with him. It took it a week or so to be open to it but once he put it on he doesn’t take it off while in the house. Made of soft material and very comfy. He loves curling up with it on movies night. Very delighted with this and now picking two more up for my other kids.

  43. Bc20

    So I bought a month ago for my shark loving boy and BEST blanket ever! It is so soft and the weight makes it very comforting. He literally has put it down in weeks and sleeps with it. I will be buying again and I highly recommend this product.

  44. Nikki1013

    I’m overall very happy with this blanket. The weights are easy to take in and out when you need to wash it. It takes getting used to the shoulder weights before my son liked it. It’s very soft and my son loves the hood as well.

  45. sbrew09

    This weighted blanket is easy to use with or without the weights. Honestly, I ended up having to remove the weights because my children refused to use it as intended. Now, my son just uses it as a regular hooded blanket. It is very soft and so cute and he really loves it a lot. I like that we have the weights and can re-insert them at any point when we feel it may be beneficial (moments of anxiety or just to calm when we are having a family movie night). I think this is a really great blanket!

  46. Nisa Clairece

    My son has not put this blanket down since he received it its an amazing blanket its very fuzzy and warm its not too heavy its very cute and my son has not been restless since using this blanket I think it makes him feel like he is being hugged we love it

  47. cruntr

    This is a great blanket. I have used weighted blankets for my son in the past, however this one with its unique design appeals to him and he keeps it on every night. Our son has special needs and this blanket has the perfect amount of weight to give him the satisfaction at night to calm him down into a deep sleep. I love the shark and how soft it is on the outside. The best part is that it is removeable and you can wash the blanket. I highly recommend this

  48. Leelee123

    This hooded weighted shark blanket is adorable. It is not too heavy. It is perfect for smaller children. It really helps my son calm down and grt to sleep and then stay asleep. He uses it at nap times and when he’s ready for bed. It has really become a comfort thing for him. He loves it and I do too. It is soft and thick enough to keep him warm. This product does not diappoint.

  49. Stephanie

    usUnited States

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Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket

You could look the seas over and you wouldn’t find a friendlier shark than this one! Created to make kids giggle, smile and snuggle, the Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket will provide hours of inspired play. It’s also the perfect companion for naps and bedtime.

When your little one wants to run around, remove the weights for maximum fabric movement. When it’s time for cozy rest, pop the weights back in for a warm blanket that won’t shift around during sleep.

Order a Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket online today for birthdays, holidays and more!

Wave Hello to the Cutest Shark in Any Child’s Bedroom

At Soft Landing, we love to design products that encourage creativity and activity. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you our thoughtfully created Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket with all its top features. It’s all delight and zero bite with features like:

  • Super-soft materials: Wait until you sink your fingers into this cuddly fabric — it’s exactly what you want to keep your child cozy. Best of all, you can wash it after removing the weights.
  • Ocean-themed product: Kids tend to focus on themes. If you’re designing a bedroom or play area with sea characters, you’ll want to include this Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket.
  • Portable design: Your little one can take this Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket anywhere for snuggles and fun. Plus, it’s ready to weigh down when your youngster’s ready for a quick rest.

Purchase a Hooded Weighted Shark Blanket From Soft Landing

Ready to make your favorite child smile? Buy a Hooded Ocean Shark Weighted Blanket from our online store today.

Be sure to check out all the other weighted blankets and superior products we offer. Our happy customer reviews say it all — Soft Landing is the place to find exceptional gifts for any child!

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