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Monster Bestie Beanbag

4.85 (47 reviews)


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A playful perch that brings both smiles and snuggles!


  • A lovable, huggable friend
  • Super soft materials

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 34”D x 32”W x 18”H
  • Spot clean: damp cloth allows for quick surface wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 3–5
  • SKU# 58548
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47 reviews for Monster Bestie Beanbag

  1. AShippy

    This is such a fun and unique chair for my kiddos. Both my boys, 4 and 8, love this chair and fit comfortably in it. It does make noise (like a bean bag chair would) but that is expected. We love the bright colors, and how nice it looks in my sons’ room! Very fun!

  2. wildamanda34

    I absolutely love it. Its a great size its nice an over stuffed an doesn’t fall over. I love the fact its a monster but not scary just a funny monster with big eyes. Its really durable. Such a great value

  3. Kimmymoz

    This is the cutest little beanbag. It’s a great size, big, but not too big. Both my 2.5 and 7.5 year old boys can sit comfortably but it doesn’t take up too much space in our small rooms. It’s colorful, funny and my kids have treated it like a trampoline and it’s still holding up very well. Q

  4. Mommabee

    My boys and I fell in love INSTANTLY with this adorable monster beanbag chair. The theme for them all has been monsters from the time I was pregnant with my first, so anything monster related is a hit and this was no different. It’s comfortable for them to lounge on, while also serving as a cute type of decor. It was a tad loud at first, the filling inside once sat on or moved, but that’s settled a lot.

  5. Brot92

    My kids love this beanbag. They literally drag it all throughout my house lol. It is very lightweight and can fit the both of them. They are 2 and 4. Definitely going to get another one so they can have their own.

  6. Punkymay86

    This monster beanbag is so cute. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The colors are bright and stand out. Its sturdy and both my 7 year old daughter and 2 year old son love it. They play with it together. I would highly recommend this.

  7. Mego42

    I received this for free to try and review and it is a decent size for kids almost sits a. Adult well. Super soft and well made. Kids love it and very cute. I would buy another one of these so they have two!

  8. Michelle805

    My son says he likes it, but it is super loud. Whatever the insides are made of is very loud.
    It is super firm (but I think that is a good thing personally) but sitting on or relaxing on it can be very loud due to whatever is on the inside.
    But it is comfortable to sit on otherwise.

  9. ESan16

    I will say our little boy loves this to death! He has been sitting in this chair without letting anyone touch it since we opened and have it to him. It is super cute! My only problem is it is loud. The sound is irritating, but that happens with kids lol.

  10. Kylynn18

    My three boys absolutely love this beanbag chair! My oldest thinks it looks like a shark which he loves. It holds up very well to my work boys who don’t always like to just sit on the chair. It’s been jumped on and tossed around and it’s still in good shape. My only complaint is I should have gotten three because they fight over it.

  11. Mrscupcake05

    A little bit bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I luckily have a space for it and my son loves it. Awesome for lounging and watching TV. Very comfortable and not too heavy or bulky, so it can easily be moved.

  12. racheemary37

    With three boys, cozy seating is a must. Whether it’s being used for reading, relaxing and video games, this beanbag is great. It has enough filling to not go flat after only sitting a short while, and it’s big enough for my 12 year old, too. The fabric is sturdy, and will definitely hold up to long term use. We love it!

  13. ecarterheinzer

    It is bigger then I thought, but works great. It is a little noisy if the kid moves around a lot and it is a little hard to me. My kids both love using it. My oldest lays on the floor and using it as a pillow under his hand. The little one will sit and watch his tablet.

  14. Grandma

    The monster bestie beanbag is a pretty decent size bean bag chair. The material it’s super soft and fluffy but I would recommend to keep away from pets such as dogs & cats because it can be very easy to poke a hole in it. Recommend for ages 3 & up. It’s extremely lightweight so very easily to move around in the house. It may be a little heavy for a toddler though. My son absolutely loves it. He chills on it while watching tv or reading a book. They come in many different designs. It is such a great idea for a birthday or Christmas. I highly recommend this product.

  15. AshleeC

    I got this Monster beanbag for my 4 year old son hoping it would work as an extra chair for our living room. I am glad I did! It holds up like a real chair and my son loves it! He has been taking it from room to room with ease. Super light weight, adorable and the perfect fit, for my son and our home. I highly recommend this beanbag to anyone!

  16. RaenaWynn

    I got the Monster Bestie Beanbag for my seven year old twins bedroom. It is so cute! It’s the perfect size for them and so comfortable. The details are great and it is not overstuffed. It is definitely worth the price and I can already see that we will be ordering another one!

  17. Tiff513

    I got this bean bag seat which turned out to be way bigger and better then I child loves it,sits in it all the time..its soft comfy and cute..great value great quality will last awhile.this would be a perfect gift i defenitly recommend this for your child they will love it

  18. Mcj933

    This beanbag chair has a really cool monster design. My son said his favorite part was the teeth. Its soft, but could be more comfortable to sit on, I would definitely say it’s more for looks than comfort but my son still likes it a lot. He’s 5 and it fits him just fine, but I can see him outgrowing it in a year or two.

  19. Whit92

    This bean bag is just to cute ! My son loves it and it fits him perfectly. If your little one needs a relax chair or something to hangout on while they watch TV. This is it! Definitely recommend purchasing this.

  20. Ruthylynn14

    This beanbag chair is so adorable! My son absolutely loves sitting on it and jumping on it. He will sit and watch movies and eat snacks. I love how cute it is and the function of it. It’s not little either. He can grow with it

  21. leahhwx

    My daughter is very particular about how her chairs feel and she loved this one. It is super comfy and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. And it is a fairly good size. I would definitely recommend it!

  22. DebbieC8118

    This monster bean bag is huge! My son absolutely loves sitting on his chair. It looks like he’s sitting in the monsters mouth. It keeps shape fairly well – every once in a while you have to pick it up to shake the beans down into the bottom so they don’t all move to the back of the bag. My husband (185lbs) sits on the chair as well. The inside beans are fairly large and you can hear them crinkling inside. However, the chair itself is fun and will make any child’s room monster Fun!

  23. Dottie r

    This monster bestie beanbag is so cute!! My boys absolutely love this bean bag! It’s a great size for both the two year old and the eight year old. They love flopping into it and being “eaten” by the big blue monster. It’s cute and fun. A great addition to the house.

  24. Dolie

    My son is happy with his new monster bestie beanbag. He loves sitting in there while watching is favorite show. The beanbag is very light weight and the color is vibrant. Definitely grabbing different designs.

  25. Hollymg

    This beanbag chair is sturdy and well put together. It holds its form well and hasn’t yet started sagging or feeling weak even after my 2 boys (7&9) have sat, jumped and wrestled with it.
    The monster seat parts are very soft, while the bottom is a heavy material to help prevent slipping.
    The filling is a thicker ball style filler.
    The zipper is blocked on ours which prevents it from accidentally being opened and losing its insides.
    This is a fun seat for kids 9 and younger and is made to last.

  26. KellyLynn

    This Soft Landing – Monster Bestie Beanbag is so cute and comfy. My son absolutely loves it and sits in it all the time. It is very soft and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is perfect for movie night or playing. The one issue I have with it is that it is extra full and tight and I am afraid it will pop open easily.

  27. TwiztidYoshi03

    If this isn’t the cutest thing ever, then I don’t know what is! I love how it actually keeps its shape like a chair. It is really soft, yet firm. I thought my 6 year old would be too big for it but he was perfect for it! He loves it sooooo much! The colors are nice and the mouth is so funny. My son acts like it is eating his head.

  28. Tdogx3

    Most adorable bean bag! The kids love it and it’s the perfect size. It’s super soft and really sturdy! It looks to be easy to spot clean and the kids really enjoy sitting on it while playing video games or reading books.

  29. Brandy2207

    My boys, 6 & 7 absolutely love this chair. It is big enough for them to sit comfortably while they do their school work or watch tv. The monster face is amazing and the detail is spot on. They love pretending that the monster is eating them or their toys. It is extremely well made and built to last anything my boys may put it through

  30. Mari8

    This bean bag chair is soo cute! My son really loves it! He loves to sit on it and play around with it by jumping on it. It has lost some of its cushion already after about 2 weeks. My son still uses it daily

  31. MtnMama

    This monster beanbag is SO FUN and my kids loved it immediately. They all like to sit on it and even incorporate it into their pretend play. It has a wonderful soft texture and is very comfy for them to lounge on. The “beans” (while thankfully secured inside very well with the double zipper) make a lot of noise when you sit on the beanbag. It sounds like loud styrofoam balls. This doesn’t bother my kids at all, but it irritates me. I wouldn’t want to sit on it because of the sound every time you shift. With 3 kids, my house is already full of many, many noises… and I didn’t necessarily want to add to that cacophony. If it weren’t for that, I’d give this fun beanbag a 5 star review.

  32. cjlmms

    My kids love this monster beastie beanbag. It is bright in color, it is super durable and of good quality. My kids have bounced on it, plopped on it, I even caught them swinging it, unfortunately. However I will say all in all it is a great beanbag to have.

  33. KSMomOf7

    This is a huge hit with my kids! I have a 7 year old (almost 8) with autism and she is in love with this bean bag. The material is incredibly soft and she can rub it for hours getting that tactile stimulation. It’s big enough for her to sit and relax on and play on her tablet or watch TV.

  34. Pacer28

    I got this Soft Landing Bestie Beanbag for my nephew who will be born soon. It is the cutest little beanbag. In my opinion it would be best for a smaller child or toddler. It looks like the child is sitting in the monsters mouth. The beans are cushy and it holds form well.

  35. abartlett20

    This bean bag lives up to it’s name Monster. Not only is it monster it is monster sized. My son loves it. He sits on it while playing his X-Box. It is durable and sturdy. He had always wanted a bean bag and this was a great product to get.

  36. Danyelleb83

    I got this bean bag chair for my daughter and she is so in love with it its very durable and cant withstand alot of movement and jumping and bumping and very easy to move and overall just cute to have for any small child

  37. Mhud417

    First the actual bean bag is hilarious. It’s a huge monster mouth! My son loves it!! Quality wise I think it’s pretty well made. The beans that are inside are big and firm. It’s not soft which to me feels like it will last longer with kids jumping on and off. It’s a perfect size for my 5 yr old.

  38. Brittajo32

    This is the cutest idea anyone has come up with. My son sits in and does what he wants for awhile. He just sitting in the chair looking at everything. And he looks super cute in it. The chair comes in handy when he wants to play games

  39. Tasha33

    I received this item in the mail for review and I was excited to let my son and grandson try it out. Kids love beanbags chairs they are able to sit and relax while watching tv. I would recommend anyone to get this for their kids. I believe that any Kid will enjoy this item.

  40. Kenny123

    I recieved this moster bean bag chair about a month ago. I have twin girls who absolutely love this chair. This chair is very nice quality and great for my childrens imagination. They named him michel. He has two big eyes and teeth. The bean inside are about a half inch thick and have taken quite the beating and half held up great i definitely would recommend this chair to anyone looking for a little cozy monster for their childs room.

  41. mharrell07

    My almost 3 yr old granddaughter absolutely fell in love with this monster beanbag chair! Very comfortable and well made, also is adorable and easy storage. She takes it every room she goes to sit in while doing anything!

  42. Giffmom

    This chair if the perfect fit for my four year old! He loves the squishy way it feels and rocking back and forth in it. He pretends they a monster ate him!! The colors are so vibrant as well!! This chair will be a hit fit years to come

  43. Smitts

    The Monster Bestie Beanbag is my boy’s favorite chair and punching bag lol. It’s been in my living for about a month now. So far it has held up against flopping down and punches from an 80 pound wild boy.

  44. Trix14

    My son adores this chair. He likes lounging in it while playing on his tablet and it’s lightweight enough that he can take it wherever he wants to. Just the right size for a five year old! It’s super cute and the colors are nice and bright. It seems to be very sturdy and well made as well. I admit I tried it out myself and not bad! Very creative design and so much cooler than boring old beanbag chairs. I haven’t had to clean it yet so time will tell with that. So far he is enjoying it quite a bit!

  45. Britt108

    This beanbag chair completely blew my expectations! My 3 year old son is OBSESSED and just loves it sooo much! It is very good quality, he has played hard on it and with it for a month now and it still feels and looks brand new.. not worn down like most bean bags do after play. This is definitely made to endure kids rough play!! Awesome chair, 5 stars!!

  46. Ladii21

    My 2 year old loves this monster bean bag chair. He some times falls asleep in it. It is comfortable and a bit big for his room but overall perfect. The colors are just the perfect combination for his room decor.

  47. anderson 8187

    I got this for my son for his birthday last month. We did a space theme and this went perfect with it as he thought it was an alien monster. The beans are the soft, round, peanut like beans. The cloth is really soft that it’s made out of. I have caught my son asleep on it a few times, so it must be comfy as well. I would recommend this beanbag to other parents.

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