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Ivory Llama Joyride

4.8 (55 reviews)


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For littles who rock! Super soft plush rocker on a sturdy wooden base—perfect for the playroom, bedroom, living room, bathroom. Wait, not the bathroom (wink).


  • A lovable, huggable friend
  • Perfect for little movers and shakers

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 28”D x 13”W x 18”H
  • Spot clean: damp cloth allows for quick surface wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 1–3
  • SKU# 64459
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55 reviews for Ivory Llama Joyride

  1. Brandon Morris

    This is going to be handy when I become a grandparent and thry come over to play at grandmas house. This will be a great toy for the child to use and play with, along with my niece that comes and visits she can ride on this as well. We can also use this product for photo shoots. This is a awesome product and so glad I have the opportunity to use this item.

  2. Hewesfamilyfun

    The Ivory Llama Joyride is so cuddly and soft! The littlest kids had such a fun time riding him and petting him. He is now a central figure in our play room! I am so glad we brought him home to join our menagerie of stuffed animals and playthings.

  3. mel812

    We absolutely could not wait to open this up the minute it was delivered. It is such an adorable and well made product. It has such a nice cozy seat that makes for easy rocking. My 15 month old absolutely loves it.

  4. Amb83

    I saw this and had to get it for my daughter. This is one of the cutest toys ever. She gets so much enjoyment out of riding this and her laughs bring so much joy to my heart. This is a quality made rocker, from the stuffed lama to the wood finishings. The lama part is very soft, the seat has a rised back to help support your little one and the rocker on the bottom glides back on forth very smoothly. This is a perfect addition to a toy room or to give as a gift.

  5. Embersmom2014

    First of all this is by far the cutest ride on toy that I have ever seen! I did not know that this brand of toys even existed.
    It is very well made, sturdy and amazing quality!!
    The best part of all is that my daughter absolutely adores this toy. She will go to it before she will any of her other toys. I love the fact that it encourages her to get up and move and she likes to cuddle with the llama too. She will pet it and interact with it like it’s real.
    The high back seat on this ride on toy gives me peace of mine because it has so much support. I don’t have to work about her falling off of it or falling backwards.
    I would definitely recommend this line of toys and this brand to anyone! I will be purchasing more in the near future!

  6. Lilgirl6485

    My son loves this very much. It’s very well made. He is so rough with it and it honestly has hold up very well surprisingly. Very easy to clean because I was worried about it being white and showing dirt. But honestly I take a wash cloth to it and it cleans up very well

  7. Grperez23

    This product is awesome and can keep a child entertained for can rock on it and sit in it while watching a show.I highly recommend to everyone.I will be buying more being how awesome the product is.

  8. Nekramer30

    Its hard saying a negative thing about Soft Landing Ivory Llama Joyride, because its just so cute. Upon receiving this I thought I would have to put it together but thankfully enough it came together in one piece and ready to go. So open the packaging just took it out and to surprise my two-year-old With it and he was immediately drawn to it. The Lama is super soft and lightweight. I believe this is a really good toy have even around small children. As my son went to explore his new rocking chair I noticed right away that hes already kind of too big for it, Which was a little disappointing Since his within the age limit. He had a hard time figuring out how to rocket due to the awkwardness of the lamas head in his face. Anytime he would rock it pretty much hit him in the face because hes level with the lamas head. I basically had to show him how to hug around the lamas neck to be able to rock so that way it wouldn’t hit him. Also yes a little bit of a hard time getting out of it. He gets stuck and then the rocking chair comes with him and topples over. Like I said before at least it’s light and I don’t have to worry about it hurting him. All out super cute softe and really brightens his Room and he really enjoys it but I don’t think hes gonna be able to have it long due to it being already kind of tight on him. Btw he’s 28 months and 30lbs

  9. Pbanuelos2

    This is such a cute little ride toy! Not only does it perfectly function but it adds to the decoration of the room! I would definitely say its gender neutral so it can make a perfect gift. And if you’re decorating your nursery with a mediterranean theme like I am, its perfect!

  10. Pwhitman27

    This llama joyride is the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen. It is made perfectly for babies and I love that it has back support so they can lean all the way back. Having the back rest ensures they don’t just slip and fall off either.

  11. McCupcake23

    I purchased this as a gift for my sister who is not learning the sex of her baby. This is fantastic as it looks adorable in the room, is gender neutral and we tested the seat out with a cousins baby who was able to sit comfortably and safely.

  12. notHolly

    I got this for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and ordered it without seeing it in person. Not only is it just as cute as it is in pictures, it is SO soft! The seat is also surprisingly comfortable. The details on the Llama just add to the overall excellent quality. The wood pieces that make up the bottom are solid and sturdy. This Llama Joyride greatly exceeded my expectations. It is precious! My daughter has a little bit of a hard time getting out of it on her own but aside from that, I wouldn’t change a thing. So cute!

  13. Lunatuna

    I got this product for an energetic girl and she adores it. Not only is it cute, it’s also fun to play with. The Llama was soft and the seat is big. I’d recommend for ages 2+ because it’s tall as well. Very good for different stages of growth. I’d recommend this to anyone boy or girl.

  14. Sasha2005

    I received this Ivory Llama Joyride toy a few days ago and my kids love it. My 2 and 4 year old daughters love to ride on it. It is really soft and cozy. It is also a great way to keep them entertained for a while. It came out of the box ready.

  15. apriljohnny829

    I LOVE this llama rocker 🙂 it is SO cute! First great thing is that it came assembled in the box! that was a lifesaver! second it is SO soft! great for the small baby or small child and not having to sit on a hard seat and worry about hurting themselves the wood is not covered. i cannot wait to give this to my nephew!

  16. Jazmyne

    This is honestly one of the cutest kids toys ever! The kiddos both LOVE it! It’s the perfect size for them. The seat is a good, cozy fit for them. It is also easy for them to get up and down from it. We have pets, so they love to pet it and say ÒohhhÓ – it’s so sweet! It is very soft to the touch, which is perfect for them to hug and enjoy. They really enjoy rocking on it. Baby boy’s arms are slightly short for it though, so he can barely move it without his face being right on the llamas neck – ha! He still loves it and laughs and smiles the whole time regardless. The handles themselves are slightly small, but still a good size for little kid hands! It is sturdy and very cute. It also came preassembled which is awesome! Easy to spot clean with a damp cloth as well. It did have one little white string hanging off it, but that was an easy fix! I’d highly recommend.

  17. Roxy44

    This rocker is so soft and plushy. It’s lightweight and super cute. My kids enjoy rocking on it. It has a built up seat and handles so it’s hard for the kids to fall off of. I highly recommend this toy.

  18. Elis849

    I recently received and thought I had to assemble it together. But I was wrong it was already assembled which I loved because I just took it out of the box. This has to be the cutest thing for kid the llama is so cute! The material from this llama is so sturdy that it will eventually last a long time and it’s so soft. The colors of this llama are amazing I love the rainbow it has. My kids absolutely love it so much! Also, this is great to have a photo session with the kiddos. Overall, this is such a cute llama and amazing for kids.

  19. Msandefur0622

    This is an absolutely adorable toy! My 2 year old son loves it! It’s a little hard for him to get in by himself, but when I help him sit in the rocker he just smiles from ear to ear. The rocker is well made and already comes assembled which is a plus! I would definitely recommend this product!

  20. Momjonas

    I got this ivory llama joyride a couple weeks a go for my little one and im in love. The llama has padding so my little one wont get hurt. It is so soft, and my son loves to rock in it. It is durable and safe for him,and it is super cute!!

  21. Cheyannaisaiah

    I ordered this for my sons second birthday and he is in love. I love that it has an actual seat for him to sit in, and he really enjoys rocking in it. Its super cute too, and soft. I’d definitely order it again!

  22. Coffeemomma

    Got this for my little baby cousin and he absolutely loved it. He’s a bit too small still to do so on his own but the features, the colors, amazing. It is super soft & even the baby likes to rub his hands on the Llamas ÒfurÓ.

  23. Destinyusa93

    My daughter has the swan and I new I needed 1 for my son so I picked the llama. He loves it and they don’t fight over the swan now. It came fully assembled which is a win for me. It’s decently easy to spot clean and there can easily use it for awhile!

  24. Brogs1234

    This Ivory Llama Joyride rocker by Soft Landing is the cutest thing! My 2 year old niece is in love with it and can rock on it for hours! it actually started to put her to sleep the other day! It’s so cute and you need this for your little one!

  25. Mandy40

    My niece is almost two and loves to rock. She is also a huge fan of llamas. I honestly didn’t know they made something like this. When we opened it, she immediately went to it and is always on it. It’s made very durable. The material is soft and fluffy and the handles to hold while in use are the perfect size for her hands with room to grow. What I particularly like about this item is that it has a seat to insure she is safely sitting in it without much of a worry of falling off or tipping over from the side. The rocking base has wooden arches to rock which are nice and thick. This is a huge hit in my home as well when I watch different kids from ages 2-5. It doesn’t rock too far back or in front as well. I’m so glad I found this for her.

  26. mimi

    It is so adorable in baby girl room. This definitely is the cutest and softest rocking animal chair. Very sturdy and well made, super safe for me to watch her rockering with confidence. My daughter loves it. This rocker is the perfect addition to any girl room, is big enough that she will be able to use it for few years now.

  27. MalloryM

    The toy is adorable but it has tons of flaws. If the baby is sitting back not only can they not reach the handles but the front of the toy flies up to where you think your child is going to fall off the back. It has a nice cushy seat but all that hair comes off very easily. My son’s hand got a little sweaty and his entire hand was covered in the hair. There is also hair coming off just during okay and getting all over the carpet. My son is 9 months old and twenty pounds and is very capable of riding this toy but it is just not working. I will try again when he gets older because it is so cute but I’m not sure how much things will really change. He does really like the Llama’s face and how soft it is.

  28. Abee

    My little one loved his new Llama Joyride! He has been climbing, riding, hugging his new friend Lambee since we gave it to him. He is 2.5 and can easily climb on and off with plenty of room to grow. It’s very sturdy and has yet to tip it with all of the adventures they have been on.

  29. Broverstreet

    This thing is the cutest! My niece loves it. It’s very soft and cozy. She loves to sit in it and rock. It was made well. The handle bars are in the perfect spot for her to reach. It rocks very smoothly and I feel like it would be difficult for her to rock hard enough to knock it over. The fabric is incredibly soft and would be easy to clean. Great toy!

  30. Selena

    Omg !! I love it! Cutest little thing ever and my baby is going to absolutely love it. Super soft and good quality! I have showed everyone this cute little thing!!! So glad I get to try it out! Yay!!!

  31. Elliee

    This rocking chair is the cutest rocking chair for kids! I love the modern look. It’s very soft for babies. My 7 month old loves it and so does my 3 year old! I love the size and it is light enough to move around.

  32. Sugar1802

    My little one absolutely loves his Llama joyride!!! I’m so impressed with the quality of it as well. It’s extremely soft and very well made. It’s sturdy and very lightweight making it easy to move around if needed. The actual seat my son sits in is very soft with plenty of cushion for comfort. I’m not going to lie, I kind of wish they had one for adults! Highly recommend to anyone with little ones.

  33. Kasondra

    This lama rocker is super cute and so soft . My 7 month old loves sitting on it and feeling the soft fur . The only downfall is I really wish this came with a seatbelt so I could buckle him in and he could be more secure . I think overall if it came with a seatbelt it would be perfect . For the price you can’t beat this quality .

  34. Dessy

    This is my daughters new FAVORITE toy.! As soon as I pulled it out of the box she was obsessed.! Its so cute.! The quality is incredible.! Looks like I have to order another one for her birthday because I saw a flamingo too.!

  35. Missa

    My niece absolutely love her lama joy ride. Its very sodr and she seems it is very comfortable. It is strudy and well made and made her wxremely. Happy. Would recommend to everyone friends and family both

  36. Meadow

    This rocker is absolutely adorable! The details are exquisite, and the craftsmanship is beautiful. It is for ages up to 3, a little tight for anyone older then that. It is very well made, and has a strong foam filling for the neck and head.

  37. Megan27

    The Llama joy ride is a real jewel to have when needing to keep the little ones busy while you complete tasks and chores around the house. It’s nicely decorated and allows for a extra decorative bonus in the babies room

  38. Lishaann23

    My baby loves this riding toy. He just lights up when I put him on it and goes to town rocking and petting it. Its is extremely cute and very well built. It is also very soft so when they do rock they wont hit anything hard they would hit llama head and its extremely soft and plush. I love it so much and so does my baby.

  39. KrysCamp

    I cannot even tell you how impressed I am by the Ivory Llama Joyride!! The toy is made amazingly with extensive attention to detail. The Llama is ADORABLE! The seat is padded and sturdy. Amazing product!!!

  40. cherylmordonez

    The Ivory Llama Joyride by Animal Adventure is great for many ages. Both of my grandsons (ages 1 and 3) enjoy playing with this sit in rocker. I am very happy with how solid and durable this toy is and it’s super soft too.

  41. faifee

    OMG How cute is this llama joyride? I don’t think you could make anything cuter or more fun! My nephew LOVES it. I wish I had one for when my boys were little. Makes for a great time and lots of laughs.

  42. Ninamcclain93

    This llama is adorable. I personally love how soft it is. My son is still small, so I have to help him stay sitting up in the rocking llama. But he loved being rocked! I’m excited for when he is bigger and can sit in it himself. On a side note, my cats also loved sitting in it.

  43. F_ridha

    Wow!!! I am blown away by the quality and how amazing this joyride Llama, my little ones don’t share and want to spend all day on it! It add a nice touch to the babies room. My friends children who have visited and played with the joyride llama are also obsessed with it and want to take it home!

  44. m3wilkerson

    Brilliant item. Got it for my child’s 2nd birthday. She’s been on it everyday. She likes to ride on it and stroke its head and pretend to feed / give it drinks. It’s good quality and would recommend this for any small child.

  45. Laulir19

    My nephew is turning one , this going to be his birthday present , is very cute and soft, he is going to love it! I love the color I can be for boys or girls! Doesn’t take that much space in the toy room! Easy to starage and is going to be a very loved joyride!

  46. sara230

    I got this a month ago and I am so happy that I did because my son is in love and will not stop riding this any chance he gets. These are very kid friendly and I recommend them to parents looking for that cute item for your kids room that they can enjoy as well

  47. mom busy

    Llama Llama is so much fun for my baby. He enjoys sitting on the Llama while I read him the Llama Llama books. This rocker is soft and cozy. I like the roomy seat because he has room to grow as he gets taller. This Llama is a safe toy as it does not rock too far back or forward. This is such a comfortable toy. I actually put it in the cozy corner of the playroom. My boys are always giving this thing hugs.

  48. LoniK

    This is even cuter in-person! it is wide and my 10 month old is able to sit on it comfortably. It comes already assembled so there’s no need to struggle putting together. The llama itself is really soft and it is very high quality.

  49. Evelyn G.

    usOregon, United States

    Soft, well padded and adorable!! Arrived so quickly. I have also purchased the Peacock Rocker and the Unicorn Rocker. My new favorite baby gift.

  50. Cece23

    This Llama Joyride is The most absolute perfect toy for your child they can have hours of countless fun on it. Not only does this llama look beautiful it is great quality. So you know your child can have a safe time on it

  51. Ashly B.

    usIllinois, United States

    So cute! My son loves it!

  52. Linda

    usUnited States

    Top quality, soft, soothing and looks fantastic. The llama joyride is adored by the baby, her brother and their parents. So soft and soothing and beautiful.

  53. Anne Marie Sylvia

    usUnited States

    This Llama is one of the best toys I’ve ever purchased! I was a little skeptical but when it arrived it was much more than I hoped for!!! It’s sooo soft and very well made! I’m so happy I found this company ! Can’t wait to order for my next grandchild!

  54. Parya

    usCalifornia, United States

  55. Monica Tapia

    usNew Mexico, United States

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Ivory Llama Joyride™

You’ve never seen a llama like this one! Designed to stand out in any bedroom or playroom, this Soft Landing™ treasure is bound to become your little one’s favorite toy.

The ivory llama joyride is a dream come true. We’ve designed this fluffy friend to please the eye and the touch with super-soft materials. Your little one will have hours of fun rocking back and forth on imaginary adventures. You’ll want to take so many videos and pictures to capture all the fun, exciting moments!

Order this huggable friend for your favorite tot today and have it shipped right to your door. No assembly is required, so the sooner you can get it out of the package, the sooner your toddler can take a llama joyride!

Why You’ll Adore the Ivory Llama Joyride

What’s not to love about the llama joyride? We’ve thought of everything so you can feel good about giving this special gem for a little one’s birthday, a holiday or just because.

Learn more about the features that make this the ideal present for mini movers and shakers:

  • Cuddly: We’ve chosen materials that are oh-so-soft for the ivory llama joyride. This plush is huggability at its best!
  • Safe: You want safe playthings, and so do we. That’s why our engineers have built the rocking llama to be secure and solid.
  • Washable: Messes happen, especially when kids hang out with their llama BFFs. No worries, though! This llama cleans up beautifully with warm, soapy water.
  • Designer quality: Are you setting up your child’s room according to a special theme? Let this llama inspire your inner decorator for a barnyard-themed room.

Let your littles saddle up in the friendliest way possible. Order a llama joyride from Soft Landing today!

Be sure to check out our full collection of other adorable animal companion pieces, too. From joyrides to nesting nooks, we have the cutest toys to make kiddos smile.

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