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Flamingo Joyride

5.0 (59 reviews)


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For littles who rock! Super soft plush rocker on a sturdy wooden base—perfect for the playroom, bedroom, living room, bathroom. Wait, not the bathroom (wink).


  • A lovable, huggable friend
  • Perfect for little movers and shakers

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 28”D x 12”W x 22”H
  • Spot clean: damp cloth allows for quick surface wash
  • Made in China
  • Ages 1–3
  • SKU# 60263
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59 reviews for Flamingo Joyride

  1. Sheila Robinson

    usArkansas, United States

  2. Amywindsor

    I got this flamingo joyride roughly about a month ago for my young one, And I am very satisfied with overall this product. This flamingo joy ride is very soft And extremely durable. This product is a great value,it’s lightweight so it’s easy to move around. The product is easy to keep clean with just water so I think every one should try the Flamingo joyride because your little one will have hours of enjoyment.

  3. Kml101215

    I got the flamingo joyride for my 1 year old daughter and she just loves it. It is a beautiful color and just such a cute addition to her room! I am so happy with this purchase. Also it is very sturdy and I’m not worried about her getting hurt.

  4. Amber31

    This flamingo rocker is adorable. My daughter is going to be so on love with it. Redoing her room and this is going to make the perfect touch. I can’t wait to see the look on her face. The pink is so vibrant and the perfect pink! This thing is so well made. I am so happy with this flamingo rocker. It’s so perfect

  5. Llamamama5

    My 8 month old daughter loves this rocker. It’s so pretty and made of great quality. My four year old son also likes it a lot. It makes really cute photos as well. This flamingo is a unique well made product that any parents would be happy to have in their home!

  6. Robyn976

    I got this for my 7 month old and she loves it. It’s very lightweight yet sturdy, well made and it’s so cute. The seat is plush and looks very comfortable. I think she’ll get to use it for a very long time.

  7. Erikamo

    I am so in love with this pink flamingo rocking chair. I can’t wait to decorate my little girls more with it. It’s super great quality and she will definitely get some good use out of it. I want to do the whole theme in pink flamingos now. Seriously like the cutest thing ever.

  8. cortiz

    Wow, this flamingo rocker is SO CUTE. My great grandmother loves pink flamingos, so naturally my daughter has grown to love them too because she looks up to the ladies in her life. I am so happy she is able to have this rocker! There aren’t many other flamingo toys out there. And this rocker is great quality! It is sturdy, feels safe, and the flamingo part is so soft, and the seat is plushy and nice also. My daughter said “feel the seat! it’s so soft!” when she sat in it. I love how the rocker has a back like a chair because this will stop her from rocking too far back and flipping over….nice touch (plus, it looks nicer too!). I imagine this will get a lot of use. We love it and highly recommend.

  9. Kristina29g

    This is the perfect plush rocker! It is so adorable and well made! My daughter and myself love flamingos so this was perfect. It’s very soft and comfortable but also very sturdy. The wood handles and rocker are great quality. She doesn’t only love to play and rock on it but also just loves to use it as a chair!

  10. Yameiry

    I got this beautiful Flamingo Joyride for my youngest daughter. She loves flamingos, so this tour was a must have for her. I love how soft it is. She can play for hours and her little tush won’t get tired. I love the soft pink color it is.

  11. Carebear81

    I’m so happy to have received this flamingo rocker. Not only is it adorable, but it’s very functional as well. Rocker is lightweight. It is perfect size for active toddler. My 6 year old can still fit in it. It’s soft and I love the fact it has a deep seat with higher back for more secure seating.

  12. Ak47

    This flamingo ride on is absolutely ADORABLE! My 5 year old was even ecstatic about opening it, even though she knows she’s a bit big for it! We will be keeping it for our baby on the way, and it is going to look perfect in the nursery!

  13. Paskebs

    This flamingo rocker is great! It is very sturdy and rocks nice! The seat is nice for my littles as well as I don’t feel as they will fall off even testing how hard they can rock! It is very cute as well!

  14. Lizzy89

    This rocking flamingo is cute! We have had so many compliments over this rocker. It is very sturdy and durable, while also being so soft and comfy. My little girl loves this rocker so much. This is always going for this over all her other toys. This is a great new version to the hard rocking horses I grew up with. Much for comfortable to sit and rock in!

  15. Bricraig94

    My daughter loves her flamingo rocker so much! We took it out of the box and she didn’t even want to wait for us to get the wrapping off. She wanted to sit in it right away but after we got it all unwrapped she played with it for hours. It’s her new favorite toy and loves to rock in it and watch tv. She just turned 3 but she is on the smaller side so she will probably be using it for a while!

  16. racheljoslin

    I got this for great niece who will be here soon! This is a baby shower gift that’s absolutely sure to please the expectant parents. It’s well built with quality material and wooden rockers. This flamingo joyride has a soft fairytale whimsical feel to it that I just love. It’s such an enchanted piece. The pink is a neutral toned down shade, it’s very on trend with modern nurseries or children’s bedroom colors. The material’s so soft. I love that this is a large cuddly stuffed flamingo that includes a cradle, which can be used to rock a little one and even better as she grows she will be able to have a rocking flamingo. That is so cool. I wish we had this when my were little! I am so excited to see the happiness this brings over the years!

  17. smlberryz

    I am so so pleased with this rocker, it has exceeded my expectations! My first thoughts on this was “there’s no way this was going to withstand my kids”… i was wrong! It comes completely put together in a box; pulling it out I noticed how light weight it is. I initially thought that it was just a testimony to my first thoughts, nope! My two kids, tiny 2 yo & a big 3 yo, have been using it daily and it has held up just fine. I’ve even caught my older kids trying to sneak on it. It’s as adorable in person as it is in the picture, I get compliments on it anytime someone has came over. My girls LOVE it, it’s cute, the quality is great, I would give this 10 stars if i could!

  18. Shanna618

    This pretty pink rocking flamingo is just adorable too start with, the fabric is very soft! It’s pretty spacious if u have a bigger child! My littles love rocking in it or just sitting in it, they love hanging out with the flamingo! It’s the perfect toddler height to get in and out easily without needing help! It’s also made very sturdy, so I’m confident it won’t break anytime soon!

  19. Jadingama

    I LOVE this Flamingo joyride! It’s built extremely well, it’s soft, the seat is large and comfortable, and the colors beautiful! I almost don’t want to let my daughter play with it because it’s so beautiful I want to keep it protected from her juice spills and dirty fingers! I would recommend this to everyone, I actually already have to everyone on my social media!

  20. Chrisk609

    I chose the Flamingo for my son. I couldn’t help it it’s absolutely adorable! It’s super soft and has lots of cushion! It’s very sturdy for your little wild one incase they want to wrestle it. The wood has a smooth soft finish so no splinters. The furry “hair” parts of it do come off so if your kid is younger they might pull it and eat it. My son looks like a little king riding away on his flamingo we both love it!

  21. Brittany32

    My daughter and son absolutely love this flamingo joyride! They sit here and take turns on it all day. The color of it is beautiful. The style of it is amazing. I have nothing bad to say about this. It is well made so it is going to last a good while! The price on this is very reasonable. I highly recommend this to any of your kiddos!

  22. Kait

    This is SO cute. I love it.
    My niece loves it. She likes to pick it up and carry it around, and she is only two years old. It is a lightweight product and super adorable. It does have a soft plush seat.

  23. Lo93

    This is the cutest little rocking chair , it doesn’t take up much space and is very light weight, you have to use no effort at all to move it around . My little one can rock and play and sit in it all day it is lovely.

  24. Jess2274

    I am impressed by the way this rocker is made and looks. I wasn’t expecting something so beautiful and different. It’s not your average rocker and this one actually is more safe as it has a seat with an edges so a child doesn’t fall off as easily. Very soft and pretty as well as comfortable and isn’t hard. My girls love it and the best part is I didn’t have to put it together and it is very light weight. My kids have been playing with it non stop and have also been using it as a chair to watch tv. Usually after a day with toys or new items they lose interest but this is not the case for this rocker. They even have fun brushing the fur!

  25. Hlane1977

    This toy exceeded all of my expectations! I was taken aback by how beautiful it was in person. The pictures truly don’t do it justice! The color is a stunning bright pink and the ÒfeathersÓ are so soft! It really is an exquisite toy and looks much pricier than it actually is. I loved the natural wood rockers. It is fairly light weight, more so than it appears which I appreciate for those little ones beginning to pull themselves up on things. If by chance it fell on them it wouldn’t hurt them. There is absolutely nothing I didn’t love about this Flamingo Joyride. If you’re considering purchasing one do it, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll make a little one you love very happy!

  26. skylasage

    This flamingo joyride from soft landing is absolutely adorable!! It comes fully assembled and packaged very nicely to protect the handles and rocker base. It is the cutest little rocker I’ve ever seen! The size is perfect for our 1 year old but will work up to 3 years old so lots of time for play. It is super soft and plush. I really love the little feather top on the flamingos head and around the sides. I think any little one would just go crazy over this joyride. I’ve received so many compliments on how cute it is and asking where I got it. I highly recommend this sweet little rocker to anyone from mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa!

  27. Ashley93

    I gifted this adorable flamingo to my 3 year old niece. She fits in it perfectly and she loves sitting in it so much! It’s so cute and so much fun. I wish I would have had this when she was 2 years old so she could enjoy it longer. With the rate she’s growing she will not fit in it come August.

  28. Ameaney

    The Soft Landing Flamingo joyride rocker is absolutely adorable. It is pink in and has a few different fabric textures. The body is like a minky material with shag for feathery material. The rocker has two hand bars and foot bars. The bottom chair part of the flamingo is padded while the neck and body part are harder. The child needs to sit more in the middle to really rock it, otherwise, it barely moves. It also might be better for children age 1+ as my almost one year old can sit but not rock and my preschooler can rock well. I think the Soft Landing Joyride rocker flamingo character is very cute and would be very fun for younger children.

  29. KDurga

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I got it for when my niece comes over, but my four year old has taken a liking to it as well. She rocks in it while she watches her cartoons and absolutely loves it. It’s nicely put together and seems very sturdy!

  30. Bah_401

    My one year old loves this flamingo ride. It is very soft and cushioned. I love the color and the way it is designed. Really cute and also sturdy. It is girly and fun for a little baby girl . Not heavy so it’s easy to be moved around

  31. Mamacoco

    My toddler loves the flamingo! Its soft ,came put together, and a perfect toy for quiet time. It calmed my toddler down from running around the house and the deep seat makes me feel its safer and easier for him to use without falling off.

  32. Abenton

    This rocking flamingo is absolutely adorable!! It is so fun for kids and is very well made. The flamingo is very soft and plush so you don’t have to worry about your child being uncomfortable or getting hurt.

  33. Anp84

    Soft Landing – Flamingo Joyride is a cute and fun toy for little ones. It is very easy for toddlers to get on and off of and easy for them to rock back and forth. It works great on wood or carpet floors. The flamingo is lightweight and easy to move when needed.

  34. [email protected]

    My girl loves this thing so much. She fits perfect on it and I think it’s pretty well made. I like the fact that it’s a seat you sit in instead of those rocking horse that you sit on top of. Makes me feel like my girl is more secure and won’t fall off as easy.

  35. Xsolngngoodnitex

    I have actually been looking for a cute rocking chair for my daughter. She loves to rock back and forth so I wanted to find the perfect chair for her. In comes the Flamingo joyride from Soft Landing! This chair is so cute and well made! Right out of the box, I was impressed. The material is so soft and plush. And the hair like detail that is supposed to be like flamingo feathers really brings this chair to life. The seat is very nice and durable as well. It feels very comfortable and rocks effortlessly too. The details are impeccable and really add that flair and sparkle to our home. My daughter wanted to sit in it immediately and I don’t blame her! She spends hours sitting, rocking, and hugging her flamingo. It’s so adorable! I am beyond thrilled with this chair and only wish there was one for adults. It’s awesome! I highly recommend!

  36. Babygirl2451

    I could not get my youngest off this flamingo rocker. She was loving it rocking back and forth. Its study and its soft. It would make a great gift for a little child. She did rock hard a couple times and tipped it over but just laughed it off.

  37. Maqqiee760

    I really Love the Flamingo Joyride my son loved it qnd play with it. I like the fact is not that big and fits in my son bedroom and its normt heavy and its easy to move when cleaning.The joyride is fun for kids i really recommend to new and any parent.

  38. Anjcrawford

    This is the absolute cutest rocker! The flamingo is adore with its pink fur. Loves that it came assembled so was ready to use straight out of the box without any fuss. Perfect for a baby up to a toddler. I’d recommend this for a gift too! Must buy

  39. scarle291

    This is such a great toy! My daughter is obsessed with it. The flamingo is a beautiful pink color with great detail. It is sturdy and made very well. My daughter is so happy when she hops on her flamingo and rocks away. It’s so soft, she loves to snuggle it as well. I am extremely impressed with the Flamingo Joyride. I know she will get many years of fun out of it!

  40. Crystal 85

    I didn’t realize the flamingo joyride was going to be a big rocker but it’s great for two small children playing at the same time. I babysit and the children love rubbing the flamingo fluff and making silly noises when they rock back and forth. It’s very cute and well made

  41. Weatherdiva10

    If your wanting a toy that’s not those ugly plastic ride ons this is for you! It’s so cute and soft so I’m not worried about if they fall. My daughter fits so perfectly in it and she is always asking to ride on it! She calls this her best friend! Would I recommend? Absolutely!

  42. Titaa

    This is the cutest little rocker my little one absolutely loved it and it goes with our playroom so well. Would highly recommend it to others. I was lucky to finally get it. The mailman had a mishap when delivering my item. But I’m glad I got it and was able to review it and see just how adorable it is.

  43. Komi

    I gave this beautiful flamingo joyride from Soft Landing as a gift to a close friend’s daughter for her 1st bday. She loved this and t looks beautiful. The material used in the making is really good & the seat is comfortable for babies to sit and rock. I like the back support on the seat to give comfort to the baby. My friend’s daughter has been really enjoying this, so I love it.

  44. Dhinacung

    We recently re-purpose our sunroom become a kids playroom since my daughter cannot going to playground during pandemic and this Flaminggo ride is one of the kind item that make our playroom looks so pretty!
    It’s really light so I can just lift it and move it around when I clean the room. I covered when is not use so it keep way from dust.
    The color is more orange that pink but it doesn’t really matter.
    It fit enough until 4 year old, and you gonna need to supervising for younger kids since it’s lite it can make them tip over. But overall is pretty safe, sturdy and fluffy ride!

  45. JessTheMess

    This product is absolutely adorable and amazing. It’s the perfect size, it isn’t super heavy or anything, it’s cute as heck, and it’s also very super soft as well!!! I would definitely recommend this rocking chair!

  46. Raelee95

    I absolutely love this cute little rocking flamingo! It’s so soft and fluffy and I love that it comes already put together! My daughters love it as they sit in it and rock all day reading books! Very sturdy and strong made! Made with wood which makes it very sturdy the fabric is really soft which is nice!

  47. Brizzy

    We are so happy with this. First of all it is so pretty and the colors are so bright. We just gave it to her for her birthday and she loves to put on her princess tiara and sit in the flamingo with her magic wand. I think she thinks it’s her Cinderella coach or some thing but it seems to be very well put together and sturdy and it doesn’t rock to far and that’s good. No jumping over as of yet

  48. MaleficentRocks

    Used as a gift for a friend and her little girl. The little girl LOVES it and won’t get off it. She’s named him, but I can’t tell what she calls him.

    It’s very well made, but nice and lite and portable. I wish they had an adult version for myself!

  49. Christine1

    My daughter loves this thing. She sits on every day watching tv. It’s like her own little siting are. It’s study too. ESP for bigger kids like her. It’s soft and comfy for all ages of kids. All kids should have these!

  50. Melissa L.

    usUtah, United States

    New mom and toddler brother loved the baby gift.

  51. Lindsay P.

    usKansas, United States

    So cute and good quality!

  52. Teresa M.

    usPennsylvania, United States

    Very good quality!

  53. Christina M.

    usSouth Carolina, United States

    Amazing! Perfect gift for a little princess! Customer service is fantastic – I entered an incorrect zip code and they updated immediately, and without hassle. Item was shipped quickly. Cannot say enough wonderful things about this company!!!

  54. Sreeja

    usUnited States

  55. Mika K.

    usUnited States

    Smaller than I thought and very lightweight. Overall beautiful Flamingo

  56. Sandra Wickson

    usUnited States

    It’s absolutely adorable

  57. Jaimie Vignone

    usPennsylvania, United States

    Absolutely beautiful and adorable

  58. Anonymous

    usNew York, United States

  59. Anonymous

    usNorth Carolina, United States

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Flamingo Joyride™

Famous for their pink coloring and curious S-shaped neck, flamingos are beloved the world over. Bring this graceful tropical bird to your child with our cute Flamingo Joyride. This plush ride-on flamingo rocker for toddlers is the perfect cushy companion for active littles. It has a classic wooden base and sleigh format backing, ensuring the comfort and safety of your child as they ride into their next adventure with their new pink buddy.

Whether nestled in a bedroom or adding a bright spot to the living room, our sturdy yet loveable Flamingo Joyride is designed to bring endless hours of joy and laughter to kids 18 months and up.

Features That Kids and Grown-ups Will Love

When you’re a kid, finding your next adventure is priority one. As the adult in your little’s life, keeping your child safe and happy tops the list. Our plush flamingo rocker for toddlers is a friendly pink pal that includes countless features both parents and kids are bound to love:

  • Super soft yet durable design made for hours of comfortable play
  • Just-my-size dimensions, perfect for little adventurers
  • Sturdy sleigh format with a bit of backing for young riders
  • Fully assembled and ready for your child’s enjoyment
  • Easy-to-clean, surface-washable materials

Flamingo Joyride for Kids Raring to Go

Whether your child is obsessed with pink or you’re planning tropically themed nursery or bedroom decor, Flamingo Joyrides from Soft Landing™ are bursting with fun personality and purposeful design. This graceful pink bird brings a punch of vivid color to any space and will give your child untold hours of delight. You can easily store your plush flamingo rider anywhere — the playroom, bedroom, living room or any other space that could use a burst of personality and play.

Order your Flamingo Joyride online today and get ready to watch your little rock right into the land of whimsy and make-believe.