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Dog Sweet Seat Darling Duo

4.8 (45 reviews)


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These soft, foam structured character chairs are the perfect spot for littles to sit—or plop, cuddle, play… and their stuffed animal counter-part means your little will never leave the house without their favorite friend!


  • Two lovable, huggable friends in one
  • Seat has a handy pocket to hold books, love notes and treasures
  • Super soft materials

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 13”D x 18”W x 19”H
  • Removable & washable cover
  • Safety zipper
  • Made in China
  • Ages 18 months and up
  • SKU# 63860
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45 reviews for Dog Sweet Seat Darling Duo

  1. Dianita

    Really good product and material are so cool and extra safe for kids. Very comfortable for kids with a good size for save at home. Recomended to all my friends with kids its perfect to sit kids while watch tv

  2. Heatherperk

    My daughter loves this little chair. She loves to just sit and look at books but most of our chairs are kind of big for her. This chair gives her the perfect area that is just the right size for her to sit and relax. She absolutely loved that it came with a matching stuffed dog as well. The chair is lightweight so it can easily be moved if we need to move it. She can even pick it up by herself if she wants to move it to a different area. The stuffing makes it cozy and soft for her. I like that it is still firm enough to hold its shape. The seat is dense enough for her to sit in without it sinking down much. The fabric is so soft and fluffy. There is even a little pocket on the side for holding a book or something. My daughter loves pockets and has had so much fun hiding little treasures in the pocket of her chair.

  3. Kbug

    My kids love miniature things and having their very own and chairs are no different. A miniature chair to sit in, relax and even store a favorite book has now become a favorite spot to be.

    First off I was really surprised with how high quality this set is. I have purchased small foam sofas and chairs before but this set just feels so much sturdier and looks nicer. The stuffed animal dog immediately became a favorite. It is the perfect size for tucking under an arm to snuggle.

    The chair has some really great features. The bottom has no zipper pull so kids cant get into it easily but instead says to use a paper clip. I really like that to keep it in one piece. It also has pockets for books and even bigger kids can enjoy. It may seem small but all of my kids enjoy it. Soft and comfortable. It also has a handle for convenient dragging around the house. It seems every time I turn around someone is cozied up on the puppy chair

  4. lalaemma

    Such a cute soft chair that comes with a cute dog that matches. My son loves it. I was concerned the chair might be to small upon arrival but he fit perfectly in it and drags in into any room he might be in. Perfect gift

  5. Morales72

    My daughter loves them the chair and her bear. She drags them both all over the house to watch tv. She loves showing it off to everyone who comes over to our house. She’s in love with it and so am I. It’s super cute and plushy very comfortable for my daughter.

  6. Jessi1207

    My daughter loved it! She may be a little to big for it but she does not care! That is her doggy! The little stuffed doggy that came with it is so adorable! She loves to sleep with it every night! Highly recommended this!

  7. Cristinah

    This set is so cute i absolutely love it! The chair is so soft and cuddy and i love the pockets on the side. The chair also has a removable cover so it can be washed! The zipper that you use to remove the cover from the chair padding is child proof too! You have to insert a paper clip in the middle of the zipper and then it will let you unzip, very cool. The plush toy that matches is adorable and so cuddly as well. All around great set!!

  8. Tacheny254

    This is the cutest little chair for little kids! It is very light which makes it easy for my 2 year old to be able to carry around. My son loves putting his toys in the side pockets and the stuffed animal dog that comes with it is adorable and very soft!

  9. muempyre

    While this chair and matching stuffed animal are super cute it is on the small side and not comfortable. The face behind your back while sitting on it causes you to sit forward on chair because it pokes into your back. Otherwise is is soft and easy to clean.

  10. Spankthellama

    My son really loves this chair and stuffed puppy! The chair is super soft and furry. He loves that the chair has big pockets on the side where he can put all his favorite little things. It’s very comfortable and the quality is great. The puppy is also very soft and might be my son’s new favorite stuffed animal.

  11. Preethi

    My little one loves this soo much .It’s super soft and light weight that he can lift it by himself and at the same time I am amazed by the quality and the perfection of it .My little one keeps calling the bear which came with it as his baby and plays all day .He is almost attached and in separable from it and I really love the toys he plays with ,than the ones in the toy box

  12. trina

    this chair is the perfect size for my almost 2 year old..I love the matching stuffed animal that came with it.. the chair is really sturdy and doesn’t go flat when she sits in it!! She really likes it..

  13. Kris30

    I got this for my son and it is so cute. It was a very comfortable chair for him to sit and read in or even just to watch to even. His face lit up when he seen that it was a puppy chair. He also is alittle clumsy and spilled so juice on it and it eas so easy to remove the cover throw it in the washer. I hung dry mine just so it would tear the ears off or mess up anything on it. It is possible to throw it in the dryer though. It was so simple to put the cover back on though. It also came with a stuffed animal that matches the chair and he acts like that is his new best friend he carries it around everywhere. The chair has side pockets on both sides so when he his sitting there he can put his books his tablets or really whatever he feels the need to put in them. Very cute

  14. Kidd200

    I got this for my girls and they really do like this chair and its awesome that it came with a stuff animal and the design of it is really nice and its really cute and really soft. I wish they made adult chairs that way to Haha . My girls carry it every where they go and use it in their room and during meals sitting in it while eating. My oldest daughter loved the stuffed puppy it came with.

  15. Zanna7783

    This chair is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And the stuffed animal that came with so cute! My one year old daughter just loves them both. She is constantly sitting in her chair. It looks really comfy!

  16. Amb1

    I got this for a 1 year old and he absolutely loves it!! It’s so comfy and there is a handle on the top so it’s easy to carry around!! Not only is the chair awesome!! It came with a matching stuffed animal!

  17. Jessie 3

    My son absolutely love this it’s good for any gender he’s sitting at all the time to watch television or just to relax the little stuffed animal with a big plus he really appreciate it super happy it’s made out of good quality soft and well-made

  18. Harley

    I received this adorable dog seat and plushie recently. The doggie seat is so cute and so soft. My kids love using it to watch movies in the living room, as well as just to hang out in their room. My daughter loves the dog plushie and snuggles with it every night. My kids love this set and I would highly recommend this duo!

  19. Jamielynn89

    The kids absolutely loved this dog chair. I think they loved it even more when it came with a matching stuffed dog. It has little pockets on the side, my daughter puts the little dog in it. It is so soft and comfortable. This would make any child happy and would make a great gift.

  20. Marz33

    This chair with the stuffed dog is so cute and would be a great gift for a small child. Looks to me to be for a 1 year old and up. Only thing I didn’t like about it was the back was not hard enough. It makes me afraid the child could flip it back. I liked how it has side pockets for books and a handle yo easily carry it around. It comes with a great stuffed animal to match it. Great for a gift

  21. ctaylor86

    I recieved this about a week ago and my daughter loves it. It’s super soft and lightweight so she can easily move it around and place it where she wants. Its a cute idea to have it come with a matching teddy bear. When she goes to her chair she wants it to come with her. The pockets on the side are great for holding a book or two to look at while setting in it. I would definitely recommend this.

  22. Ashley4paisley

    This dog darling duo chair and teddy bear is very cute. The cover can be removed and washed for easy cleaning which is great because little ones get stuff dirty so easily. The main downside to this product is that it falls over when my daughter sits in it and tries to lean back without it being against a wall. Its very soft and such a cute idea but it could use some support.

  23. Klove9191

    I would highly recommend this product as not only my little one really enjoys it but I even find it super adorable! The chair is super soft and cuddly and my child finds it quite comfy! It also comes with a soft puppy plush toy which really adds that much more excitement! What I love about this product is the fact that the chair is lightweight and easy to move around if needed and it features a small side pocket to store books, toys etc! Overall, I would recommend!

  24. Sarah86

    The quality is top notch. It looks MUCH more expensive than it is. It is very elegant in looks and softness, it’s sturdy and is so unique. The plush puppy that comes with it is great and it matches the chair super cute especially with the pocket on the side

  25. Brittany101

    If you have kids or nieces and nephews you Need to buy this! It is soo soft and comfy. My son loves this carries around the plush everywhere sleeps with it everything. The chair is soo soft! My son sits in it everyday he loves it soo much. Such great quality and the softest. Definitely would buy more. The cutest things ever.

  26. Kendra95

    My daughter loves this chair and she sleeps with the matching stuffed animal every night! I love the little pockets on each side for books. Definitely worth the purchase if you have a little one in the house!

  27. Kristinamarie88

    My son is loving his Dog Darling Duo! Our son is special needs and he absolutely loves stuffed animals and mini chairs. So this set was a HUGE hit with him. It’s something we can leave in his room and trust he won’t hurt himself because it’s so soft. We have only dogs as pets as well and he loves his dogs and anything else dog related so another plus!

  28. Lovelylibra

    I purchased this a few days ago and my 3 year old couldn’t wait for me to get it out of the box. He loves dogs! He was so excited! The material is extremely soft and fluffy. The chair is comfortable. The side pocket is perfect for extra toys. The stuffed dog does not leave my sons side, he takes it every where. My son even tried to sleep with the chair! Lol

  29. Cjohnson030405

    I got this chair and animal set for my little girls and she really likes it. It is very soft and came with a matching stuffed animal she likes to snuggle with when she is watching a movie and sitting in the chair. My little one is 4 she is on the smaller side of the scale for her she but she fits in it perfectly and is comfortable for a long amount of time say two hours is the average movie length and she loves it. It’s very sturdy and full of stuffing no lumps and it’s not bunching up after sitting on a while as some I have had before has done. Definitely made very well would recommend.

  30. CJsMom

    My 3 year old loves stuffed animals and this seat and dog are no exception. He was so excited when he saw them. The chair is very soft yet sturdy. The little pocket on the side is perfect for all of his little toys. I do wish the seat was slightly bigger though. My 3 year old is tall and could use just a bit more room so it last longer. Otherwise, thia is perfect for him.

  31. Jblahnik

    I didn’t read dimensions so it was smaller than I thought it would be but its super cute, and my son loves it! He’s 6 but the size of a 10 year old. He fits in it but not super great. He however does sleep with the stuffed animal every night he loves it!

  32. Gigi24

    I love this chair and stuff animal duo. The chair is nice and firm so that your child doesn’t sink down. And its very light so your child can pick it up. My child just loves to drag it all over the house. The stuff dog is very soft like the chair I love that the chair and the stuff dog look the same way. This chair will definitely teach your baby to sit up straight because it because you can’t push the back of it down. It forces them to sit straight up. This product seem more for like a 1 to 2 year old because it so small.

  33. Southernfried05

    The Dog Darling Duo, is a wonderful thing for children. My kids love having their own seats. This not only ensures they have a seat, but it also includes a buddy for them.

    I love the fact this set has a stuffed doggy that matches the chair too. It all goes very well together. It is very soft. Which my kids prefer softer toys.

    I like the fact that you can unzip the covering for the chair. It allows for an easier cleaning. Which is a plus when you have kids.

    My daughter in particular loves this. She is two. She is able to move this chair around with no assistance. It is lightweight. In my opinion it is the perfect size for any kid five or under. Her older siblings try to sit in it as well. Which makes me realize this is something most any kid will love.

    Although not advisable my daughter does like to lean back in this chair and make it fall over. If she wasn’t daring like that, I am sure it wouldn’t do it. So, my advice would be put this infront of something to prevent your daring child from tipping over. I am not faulting the company or the design of the chair. Because, I know my child was having fun and doing it on purpose. Which is why I highly recommend this. It will be something your kids will enjoy very well.

  34. Janie7717

    I got this for my 5 year old needless to say she wont be using it long but for now she absolutely loves it she drags this little chair around everywhere she keeps her coloring books in the little side pockets which is great because keeping up with her stuff is a headache she loves to get her blanket and her little doggie that came with it and snuggle up in her soft fuzzy chair(that’s what she calls it) and watch TV before bed it was definitely a hit with her

  35. Charms240

    This Dog Darling Duo is more adorable looking at that using its soft and cuddly ny son loved it especially the dog plish he sleeps with it always, be advised it has a foamy smell which you can air out or apply any spray of your choice we had no problem after leaving in the sun a few hours the plush was okey. First thing I noticed was the handle thats great for child to carry very easy We enjoy that instead of hugging seat around and makes kids hands and vision covered feels hands free not heavy at all. I do see the seat sinks a bit which is normal since its a foam like a pillow but more stiff, we like the pockets makes it look cute and sit next to dad and be twins he enjoys that. He tried leaning back but thats not to lean all the way back he just tilted to the ground which he just laughed it off and sister too. It is comfortable though he watched a whole movie on it and so did his sister shes 5 years old she loves all toys they like taking turns using. I think its nice will last if well take care of and good maintance just follow instructions as in everything to extend product life. The kids pet the seat as if it was a pet its very adorable they love it and keep in the room use if for cartoons and movies.

  36. Lesterash

    I have the dog darling duo and it comes with a matching dog, my 2 year old absolutely loves it, she loves to eat in it, watch tv, also plays on her tablet sitting in it, she also will go to sleep with her little dog, the cover also comes off so you can wash it, the chair is made with foam, the chair is very soft and perfect for my daughter.

  37. Loulou93

    My two kids love this chair so much they try to hide it from one another haha. It’s so soft and feels like memory foam for the cushion. My daughter absolutely loves that it came with a plush dog, the same as the chair. Its just perfect for them and durable and you can wash the cover of the chair if it gets stained as well, and it also has a side pocket to put things!

  38. Dani991

    My son loves his chair so much. The material is well made and No signs of it unraveling yet. The foam is put together well, where you can sit down and it stays sturdy. He loves the handle, and carries it from room to room. He also loves his “baby” that came with it. Definitely a cute design, and dependable product.

  39. deluxedoo

    The chair and the stuffed puppy are both soft to touch and very light weight that a child can easily move it from one place to another. My 2 1/2 daughter was happy to have her own chair and she love it very much. She use the chair everyday especially when she watch her favorite cartoon movie.

  40. Vickielynn88

    I absolutely love the look of this chair and the matching stuffed puppy! They are super soft! The size of the chair is perfect for a little reading chair for my kiddos to relax in and look at books! I would get a couple more of these stuffy chairs for my kiddos or for gifts for my friends kiddos.

  41. mandikristen15

    I recently received this duo chair with stuffy and my young son loves it! It’s a perfect size for him to sit in and watch tv or read. It’s light weight, comfortable, and easy to wipe clean. The stuffed dog he loves and takes everywhere with him. It’s super soft.

  42. Paris8

    Such a cute accessory to our baby’s new Room.
    It was absolutely perfect. The size fit him just right. It was super Soft. In the bear was just a extra touch. Soon as I took it out the box he had to know it was his. He ran straight for it an sat in it like it was home.

  43. Ambernoel1992

    This dog duo is absolutely adorable. My one year old son loves sitting in his chair and cuddling with his puppy. Both the chair and the stuffed dog are incredibly soft and cute. The little pockets in the chair are very convenient for putting his board books in. The material is strong and thick. Overall, the dog duo is a huge hit in our home.

  44. Mary M.`

    This is a very cute little set. Comfy, (according to an 8 year old), soft, well-made and a nice little addition to any child’s room. I would recommend this set for 8 and under as seemingly any bigger, and my son would not have been able to use the chair. The plush dog that came with it is very sweet!

  45. Allen Etta

    usVirginia, United States


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Dog Sweet Seat Darling Duo™

Two pups are better than one! The dog sweet seat darling duo features an irresistibly cuddly chair and matching plush puppy. What better place for your little one to rest, read or relax in comfort and style?

Order a dog darling duo today. You’ll love the plush-soft fabric that’s oh-so-huggable. Best of all, our Soft Landing™ sweet seat comes ready to use right out of the box. No need to assemble this cute product designed to delight the special toddler in your life.

This Dog Sweet Seat Darling Duo Is a Kid’s Best Friend!

When we’re in the design phase of all our products, we consider all the ways we can make our toys especially memorable. You’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that’s gone into creating this dog darling duo, including features like:

  • Soft-as-a-cloud materials: When we say this seat is hug-ready, we mean it. Your little one will have hours of fun just hanging out with these two fluffy, furry friends!
  • Structured to a tot’s dimensions: Like all our furniture for little ones, we’ve constructed our dog sweet seat darling duo to fit the proportions of youngsters ages 18 months and older. Little ones love having furniture of their very own!
  • Special pocket: Your little one can add books, toys and treasures to the secret pocket located on the side of the sweet seat.
  • Easy clean-up fabrics: Life can get messy, but that’s no reason to growl. Just unzip the fabric covering from the structured seat and pop it into the washing machine with delicate items. Your special dog sweet seat will be fresh and ready for more fun in no time.

Buy a Dog Sweet Seat Darling Duo Online

Need a gift for a holiday or birthday? Trust Soft Landing for some of the most exciting, whimsical kids’ products on the planet. Check out our dog darling duo and the rest of our selection today!

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