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Dog Luxe Lounger

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A Luxe Lounger™ can be laid on, propped up or folded. It’s the perfect companion for naps, reading, sleep overs—really everything!


  • A lovable, huggable friend
  • Secret pocket for little treasures
  • Handle to carry across the room, down the stairs, or out the door

Features & Care

  • Dimensions: 8”D x 25”W x 52”H
  • Removable & washable cover
  • Safety zipper
  • Made in China
  • Ages 5+
  • SKU# 58164
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49 reviews for Dog Luxe Lounger

  1. Lilybean44

    My son absolutely loves his lounger! First of all it’s so adorable! And secondly, it’s cozy and portable! He has used it in different rooms of our house. It folds right on up so simply to store it away as well. He kicks back on it while watching tv or reading. It’s perfect!

  2. Faith

    This product was not what I was expecting. It is very big and comfortable, however it was not the easiest to put together. The pillows all seemed flat and didn’t really have a shape to them, and it was hard to put in because the opening was smaller than the pillow.

  3. Sarap

    My kids love this Dog Lounger!! It’s super soft! It’s even big enough for my six year old. I love that it had 3 different pillows that you can wash separately if need be. It’s really easy for fold up and store away when they aren’t playing with it

  4. Megp

    The dog Luxe lounger is everything we have been looking for! First off it’s super cute and fluffy. It has a little bit of assembly but it was really easy . All you have to do was unzip the safety zipper with a paper clip insert the 3 pillows. Rezip and there you have a super cute lounger. It folds up really easy and has secret pockets for all of their treasures. I’ve sat on it and it’s pretty comfortable!

  5. Kiko

    This longer is so cute for the kiddos. My daughter is 5 and on the taller side and she fits on it perfectly without going off the end. It was super easy to put together with clear instructions. It’s soft and fluffy. There’s a handle on one end and a strap so you can roll it up and store it. It’s a really cute design as well with a cut dog face. My daughter enjoys laying on this to watch movies. Would be a cute gift! Seems very sturdy and well made. They also made the zipper so that you need to use a paper clip, or something similar, to unzip it for safety. I think that’s actually pretty great.

  6. Hecticheather0793

    I got this for my son and he is so happy with it. He has been carrying it around everywhere. Its easy to maintain and keep clean. It comes with three sealed pillows and they go inside on the side and after they get situated inside this lounger is perfect for relaxing and taking it easy. It also folds easily and the handle is velcro so it can be carried easily and moved around from room to room. Its a good big size and my son hasnt stopped taking it all over the house since we got it. The lounger is also crazy soft! He loves it!

  7. Mal32

    My son loves this. He has named it the same name as our dog who passed away a few years ago. It was packaged very nice, and easy to put together. It is super soft too. My son is 6 and fits perfectly on it.

  8. Mom1216

    This is a really mice and heavy duty lounger! Definitely going to buy more of these for me and the kids! Would love to see what other animals lounger they offer! Will be using these when on vacation!!

  9. rosepaw

    This dog lounger was even bigger than I thought it would be! When I pulled it out, it was almost large enough for my 7 year old to lay on it without hanging off the ends. Both he and my 9 year old daughter fell in love with it at first sight. It is super cute and soft and cuddly. They instantly noticed the little hidden pockets in the upper paws, although my son thought they were places to warm up his hands. My son now uses it to lay on the floor and watch YouTube so that he’s more comfortable – an appropriate use for a lounger. I am a bit disappointed with the pads that came with it to go inside. They aren’t very thick or durable. It’s nice that you can remove them with a zipper so you can wash the cover without it going really flat. There are 3 removable pads though that don’t stay put, so sometimes we have to open it up and move them around to make the whole thing work again. I like that it has a handle so that you can fold it up to carry with you. Overall, it’s super cute and lovable and I would recommend it for kids 7 and under. Older kids may still enjoy it if they lean against it while playing games or something, but it fits younger kids better.

  10. rabbitsbabe34

    I bought this for my sons reading corner . he loves being able to relax lay down or sit to listen to stories . he can even curl up and take a nap on it. the pillows included are close to full size and soft. the zipper is safety zipper so kids can’t just take pillows out I am impressed with the quality

  11. RM222

    This cute dog lounger was a huge hit! My son loves it and uses it all of the time. I love that it has a velcro loop so that you can roll it up when my son isn’t using it. The quality is amazing and my son loves that he can put stuff in his “secret department” which are the paws. My only complain is the 3 pillows that go inside for cushion. I wish it was one big pillow instead of 3 separate pillows. The middle pillow tends to fall out of place and go into the bottom section which leaves the middle part just fabric and no cushion. My son doesn’t seem to mind and still loves it so that is why I give a 5 star rating.

  12. Abby42407

    We finally got this in the mail today and I knew it was coming so I went and bought pillows for it but it actually comes with three pillows. Its pretty large in size and my 2 daughter’s ages 7 and 4 love it. It also comes with a safety feature zipper so your kids can’t get their fingers stuck in the zipper the only downside I say would be the pillows that comes with it Bunch up

  13. Gina Dragone

    My little girl is so glad that I got this! She is asleep on it right now! It is so comfortable! I love that it’s got a dog on it because she loves dogs! I definitely would recommend something like this for anyone who has a little one!. These are so cute and comfortable!

  14. karah

    I got Soft Landing Dog Luxe Lounger a few days ago, and my son loves it!! It was super easy to assemble, and is so soft!! My son loves to lay on it for watching TV and even caught him napping on it!! I folds up to make it easy to carry, and he takes it everywhere he goes around the house! It is so cute, and I would highly recommend it to all kids!!

  15. Twin momma

    My boys will be three next month and they absolutely love this little dog lounger. The lounger came in a medium size box with the three pillows rolled and wrapped in plastic and the actual dog pillowcase was separate. The pillowcase does not have a zipper handle and this is on purpose, as stated on the paperwork. I used a paper clip as suggested to get the case zipped. The cover was easy to wash. The lounger is pretty long when assembled. My boys have plenty of room to grow. They love to jump on it and hug it. I’d recommend.

  16. Ratna

    I absolutely loved this Animal Adventure Loungers Dog Character Lounger.My toddler favorite thing in the house currently is this dog lounger. It is so soft and lightweight to carry around. He easily transports it from room to room without any help. It’s pretty big and my toddler easily fits on it. He prefers to be on this lounger all the time.Assembling it is pretty easy task. It comes with three pillows to insert ,each packed individually and stuffing them is super easy. These pillows stay in its place inside the cover. It is smartly designed and even has pockets in its paws with Velcro closure, my little stores his tiny cars in it. This is great to bring along anywhere, thanks to the fold up ability and carrying handle.. and is especially great for overnight trips! The cover is washable it comes off easily to put it for washing. It has zipper closure. It is nice bright colored one.I have absolutely no complaints about this item and would definitely recommend it.

  17. Kayferrera

    Ever since we bought this dog bed my son insists on sleeping on this mat every night now. It is very comfortable and soft. The dog character is cute and my son loves it! I love that the inserts are removable so it’s easy to clean.

  18. Jojo1989

    This is soooo cute!! My 4 year old takes it everywhere! She lays on it to watch her cartoons she sleeps on it at nap time and at night she has to have it in her bed or she refuse to go to sleep. It’s definitely very well made and I absolutely love that it can be washed. And it’s not heavy so it’s easy for her to take it wherever she wants, which is everywhere she goes. I’m planning on getting my nephew one for his birthday next month.

  19. Eriavena

    Very cute and soft lounge, folds and you can carry around. My son loves his doggy lounger, he lays in to to watch his favorite show and has even fallen asleep on it. Very comfy and I like that the outer shell is washable. Has 3 insert pillows that can be removed for easy cleaning. To close or open it you need a paper clip si no little hands can open when unwanted. Love that my son actually cant be anywhere around the house without his lounger and he fits perfectly. He is 6 yrs old.

  20. MegTheMom

    My 2year old just freaking loves this. Its super soft, has fun pockets in the paws to store stuff, he likes to put his bottles in this because he thinks its so funny and race cars because hes just a stinker. SUPER SOFT i will repeat this over and over again because its so nice and easy for kiddos to lay on

  21. Queenss

    I absolutely love this cute dog luxe lounger. This lounger is so adorable, soft and convenient. I like how it was the carry handle so it’s easy for the kids to carry instead of carrying it opening and risk damaging something. This came in four pieces, three were the soft cushion inserts and the other was the otter dog plush cover. I had no problems putting this together it took me 5 minutes total. My favorite part is that you have to use a paper clip or your finger to handle the zipper that’s how it comes to help with kids not pulling on the zipper tab or breaking the zipper. Overall I am very impressed with this lounger and my dog even loves it. I highly recommend this it’s a great lounger for anyone really plus it’s easy to wash.

  22. Ericka

    The Soft Landing – Dog Luxe Lounger is best made and cutest plush dog lounger ever! My kids and I loved it because it is so soft, and big and very comfortable. I am always getting compliments when I get visitors at home. The Soft Landing – Dog Luxe Lounger is very well made, and can be easily folded and carried from room to room with the nice big handle. This is a nice high-end product that is worth it!

  23. Jessromero23

    This Dog Luxe Lounger is the cutest thing i have ever seen! It’s oversized and fluffy. My kids like to lay on him while reading or watching t.v. and the hidden storage is an added plus. I will be looking into buying another one.

  24. Reetl1

    This is really cute. My son lives relaxing while laying on it. This makes nap time a lot easier. It is big and really soft. It can be used for napping or even while your child is laying around reading a book. It can be easily put against an object so your child can sit up while being very comfortable.

  25. Michaela725

    Honestly, I can’t say enough about this Dog Lounger. My three year old son absolutely adores it. When we opened it up, the directions were clear on how to put the pillows inside the dog and it was super easy to do and zip up. A great feature about the zipper is that it doesn’t come with the zipper pull. We have all been scratched by a zipper pull before and know how awful that is. With the absence of the zipper pull, it keeps kids from getting scratched. It also keeps kids from unzipping it themselves and pulling out the pillows. All you have to do is open up a paper clip and put it through the zipper and it opens right up!
    As for the lounger itself, my son is absolutely obsessed with it. He puts it on the family room floor to read books or watch TV. He even puts it on top of his mattress and sleep on top of it at night. It is SUPER soft and comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend this. It is a HUGE hit in our house!

  26. Trulytree

    I like the size of this lounger, it is long enough to use when littles are watching a movie or taking a nap. The construction of the lounger is pretty good, the stuffing of the pillows was a fairly easy.

  27. JolieDee

    This lounger is a new favorite for my kid! My kid has been using it non stop everyday when it’s time for reading or watching TV.

    It’s very soft and easy to carry around. A big surprise for me is that the cushions came separate so the cover is 100% machine washable. It’s very easy to put it together and take it apart.

    Definitely recommended, any kid will love it!

  28. Gr8gelena

    My kids love to use there Dog Luxe’s really cute and comfortable kids love to read and rest on it all the time.Must have for trips to grannies.Did I mentioned how easy to travel with it…!!!!

  29. tshepherd

    This Dog Luxe Lounger is so adorable! It is very soft and easy for a small child to carry around and take different places. It can go anywhere, which I loved, we took it on trips, in the car and even lounging around the house!

  30. mel2

    Got this Dog luxe lounger for my nephew and he absolutely loves it. He’s always laying on it while playing on the floor and on his tablet. It is made of good quality and is super soft. The design is very good and super cute. Love the zipper so it is easy to wash.

  31. Elizabeth 1

    I absolutely love this my child fell in love with this right off the bat he uses it all the time she even takes it to bed and curls up with it and tells me all the time how she is so happy to have this.Its very soft and relaxing just the right amount comfort

  32. VTChick

    Oh my…this is the most adorable, perfect lounger! I sent this with my son to preschool and he sleeps much better than his classmates at nap time! It was super easy to put together and the quality is outstanding. I would definitely recommend this an would purchase again!

  33. couponwife01

    got this for my kids when they are on their laptops but my cats kinda took it over on the kids is super cute and pretty comfy. it came with 3 pillows to stuff inside nd it rolls up for storage.

  34. Danyellef

    I got this for my son, and he absolutely loves it. He likes that he can hide stuff in the pouch. He also loves that he can fold it up when it’s not being used. He says it’s super comfortable to sleep on. And to use as a back pillow when playing games

  35. Trish47

    I received this as a sample. First, I had no idea it would be so big. It comes with three pillows to put inside for the cushion. You fold it up or lay it flat. The paws have Velcro pockets to put things in.

  36. Janetta

    Easy to stuff and get ready for a quick trip or Laying around the house. I love that there is no zipper handle reducing kid hazard. It’s and awesome size for my 2 & 3yr old to lounge on as well. I have the cute dog character. I did expect separate compartments for each pillow but still works fine.

  37. ajjcrf

    This is such a cute lounger for kids. It’s super soft & my kids love playing on it, laying on it, using it as a pillow, etc. It’s good quality & super easy to assemble. This is definitely one of the go-to attractions in our house.

  38. Tays

    This is super cute and my kiddos love it. Super soft and very comfortable. My kiddos love it for when their playing/watching their tablet, they can lean back against it and be comfortable while doing so

  39. Rach

    We have had this guy for about a month now. It was easy to put together. They give you instructions plus there is a video you can watch if need. I like that everything can go into the washer. You can fold it I and lean it against a hard surface and lean back on it. The down side is one of the paws the paw print design is coming off so I will have to figure out how to reattach it. Other we love.

  40. cris4

    This dog luxe lounger is perfect! It is machine washable and the pillows inside can be removed. Which is the best thing because spills and stains happen. I like that you can carry it around because in our daily lives it can be hectic. I do not have to worry about a bulky item that is hard to carry. Its got a handle and its easily taken apart so I can move it around. It is oversized for my little one but she adores it. She has the option to lay on it or sit it up against a wall. Its comfortable enough that she has fallen asleep on it and she is the type that NEVER falls asleep anywhere other than her bed. So that is really a plus when she stays at someones house, I know that she can get some rest while on the lounger. Its the perfect gift or everyday item you could get for someone. Plus its super cute and soft!

  41. Terry160

    First and foremost this lounger is super cute. It’s very comfortable and huge. It’s so soft. My three year old son brings this lounger from room to room. He loves for me to read him books while lounging, he also watches his YouTube videos on his tablet while lounging. Lastly, he falls alseep on it as well. It’s easy to assemble and it’s worth it. Oops I fail to mention the quality is excellent and overall it’s so perfect.

  42. Cshael08

    I got this dog luxe lounger a couple of weeks ago. My son absolutely adores this thing. The day it arrived he had to put it on top of the bed to sleep on. He carries it all through the house so that he can lay on it now

  43. Bree

    The Dog Luxe Lounger was much bigger than I expected! The design is versatile and can be used for various things. My son uses it to prop his tablet on or take naps on. It was easy to fill the dog with the pillows (included) and I especially like that there is a safety zipper on it which requires a pin to pull down. Would highly recommend!

  44. Batgirl1086

    The dog luxe lounger was such a delight. All of my kids enjoy this. It’s soft and cuddly. It can be used to lay down or as a chair. Assembly was super easy and the lounger is durable and good quality. I highly recommend this product. Your kids will love it and give it so much use

  45. lluvia30

    My child tried this Dog Luxe Lounger product and I liked it a lot, it is very comfortable, perfect for resting and sleeping, and you can also wear it when you go out, baby, he loved it a lot if I recommend it

  46. srm92

    This dog lounger was an instant hit for my five year old. It was very easy to put together and is huge, you just put the inserts into the dog . I like that it can easily be washed and how soft it is. It is very comfy for my son to relax on, and he loves the adorable design. He is not the most gentle of kiddos and this lounger has been tugged on quite a few times and is staying durable. I love that it can easily be folded up and taken to grandmas house. Overall, it became an instant love for my son and I love how happy he is with it.

  47. Amanda

    I’m the mother of a very vivacious 2.5 year old, who has recently taken a liking to sitting/lying in the floor (…also in the dog’s bed). That said, I was looking for something a bit more “civilized” for her so I can teach her we don’t just lie down in the floor anywhere, but also still allowing her to lie in the floor (parenthood, ha). This dog luxe lounger is the PERFECT solution! It’s so soft and comfortable, even when I join my little on the floor, has a wide range of uses, from a back support pillow when a child wants to sit and read or draw, to a bed topper, to a little portable “bed”, and has a handle for easier mobility. I love the size and plushness–it’s just perfect–any less would be inadequate, any more would be too much. The pockets in the paws are pretty fun, too–my daughter loves keeping her toys and snacks in there. I think my favorite part of this is that it was clearly designed by a parent… the stuffing is actually three removable pillows, which makes the puppy case washable (YESSS), and also the stuffing replaceable (kids are gross and no one wants to talk about it, lol), but the best part, the zipper to access/remove the inner pillows comes WITHOUT A PULL–use a paperclip! This way, tiny little sneaky fingers can’t open it up and put food or other unmentionables inside, or lose the pillows (don’t laugh, if it *can* happen, it *will* happen.) All in all, this is such a sweet, fun, and functional addition, and our whole family just loves the “puppy bed”.

  48. Ccbell94

    I received this giant dog luxe lounger a few weeks ago and my children love it. It is much bigger than I expected and it is very soft. I love that it folds up and it has a handle so it can be easily carried around the house. They love to bring it to the living room to lay on it and watch movies and they even carry it to bed to sleep with their new dog. The quality seems good so far and its holding up to them dragging it around the house.

  49. tpalmer

    We got this for my son’s birthday and he LOVES it so much! He lays on it and watches tv for his afternoon naps and refuses to lay down without it! Our oldest is 10 and loves using it too! It is great quality and worth every cent! I highly recommend this!

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Dog Luxe Lounger™

With its bright, friendly eyes and soft floppy ears, this Dog Luxe Lounger is sure to become one of your child’s favorite pals. This playful pet character Lounger is designed to transform from a compact to a full-length pillow with ease. It’s a handsome, wholesome choice for a birthday, holiday or surprise gift.

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It’s hard to stop hugging this charming pup! The Dog Luxe Lounger is made to last and offers all the features you could want from a high-quality product designed for kids ages five and older, including:

  • Colorful, cuddly fabrics: The materials we’ve used to create our Dog Lounger are plush to the touch. At the same time, they’re tough enough to hold up to normal wear. When your Lounger needs a cleanup, you can wipe up spots with a damp cloth or remove the cover to launder.
  • Themed room-ready design: Want to make sure all the decor in your child’s bedroom fits a specific theme? This doggy is ready to play a role in any animal, nature or character-related room. You can even use the Dog Luxe Lounger as a starting point for a unique bedroom or playroom theme.
  • Special storage: We’ve added a secret pocket to our Lounger to make transporting treasures simple and convenient. Your kids will love having room to store notes, trinkets and books.

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