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Dinosaur nesting nooks cushion with speech bubbles

Nesting Nooks™ Character Back Rests

It’s comfy cozy time! Let your little lean back and relax in the loveable, huggable arms of a supportive backrest. With Nesting Nooks™ from Soft Landing™, every seat is the best seat in the house. Our kids’ bed rest pillow surrounds your child in soft warmth as they read, lounge or dream up their next big adventure. Heads up — spontaneous naps may occur. 

Nesting Nooks are designed with little ones 18 months and up in mind, but we’ll let you in on a secret. Older kids and even grown-ups have a hard time resisting their cute comfort. Each colorful design is created to look good and feel good, too. Nesting Nooks bring the perfect decorative touch to a nursery, bedroom or anywhere else where relaxation is set to happen. 

With a handle for easy carrying and a convenient back pocket, Nesting Nooks are as handy as they are cozy.

Kids-First Features

Nesting Nooks are made for lounging. These character backrests enhance every study session, jam session and snooze session with pure relaxation and comfort. At Soft Landing™, kids come first. Here are just a few features your little relaxer is bound to love about their loveable, huggable Nesting Nook.

  • Convenient back pocket: From tiny treasures to beloved books and kid-friendly tech, your new pal’s back pocket makes the perfect storage.
  • Easy carrying handle: The handy on-top handle makes it easy to carry your Nesting Nook across the room, down the stairs or even out the door.
  • Just-your size-cushy companions: The super-soft material and kid-friendly dimensions make Nesting Nooks your perfect companion both at home and on the go.

Why Grown-Ups Love Nesting Nooks

Whether you’re looking for a perfect birthday gift or you know you want a cozy lounger for your little one, our Nesting Nooks have plenty of grown-up friendly features we know you’ll appreciate.

  • Stylish and playful design: We believe comfort and decor can harmoniously coexist. That’s why we design our Nesting Nooks to be stylishly cute and cuddly — the perfect way to complete a bedroom with a theme.
  • Tons of cute characters: We’ve got character backrests to suit every child’s taste, from elephant enthusiasts to dino dynamos. We’ve also got cute themed backrest pillows with designs based around rainbows, sports and fruit.
  • Ready to use: Dreamy downtime begins the moment you hand this huggable backrest into the waiting arms of your little lounger.
  • Easy to clean: Surface washable material allows you to spot clean your child’s Nesting Nook whenever you need to. Dampen a soft cloth with water and gently wipe any little messes away.

Find Your Perfect Nesting Nook in Our Collection

Give a gift that will be remembered, loved and cuddled for years to come. Nesting Nooks are bursting with colorful personality and purposeful design so they can be well-loved and well-used when your little needs some rest and relaxation after a long play session. Browse our collection of colorful designs and classic characters. Whichever one you choose, Nesting Nooks will always have your back.