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Cat and koala luxe loungers cushions with speech bubbles
  • Elephant Luxe Lounger


Luxe Loungers™ Kids’ Full-Body Cushions

Laid on, leaned on, propped up or folded, Luxe Loungers™ from Soft Landing™ are the perfect on-the-go pillow pals. Our colorful, charming character cushion folds out to create a full-body lounge pillow, making downtime dreamy and adding some extra plush to playtime. Luxe Loungers will soon become your child’s favorite friend for movie nights, reading, hanging out, naps, study sessions and sleepovers.

Prop this colorful companion up for the perfect lounger or plop it on the floor for the ultimate relaxation. You can even fold it up and carry it from room to room using the durable handle. Parents love seeing their little ones hugging and cuddling their new cozy friends — and it doesn’t hurt that they’re easily washed and assembled.

Luxe Loungers Signature Features

For kids who love a cozy place to relax or play, it doesn’t get any better than Luxe Loungers. Our fold-out lounge pillows are ideal for kids age 5 and up, and they feature imaginative character designs that littles are sure to love. Durable, functional and easy to clean, Luxe Loungers are chock-full of features that are kid-centric and parent-approved:

  • Secret pockets: Your new pal’s secret hand pockets offer the perfect hiding spot for your favorite doodads, knickknacks, treasures and tech.
  • Handy handle: Carry your new plush friend from room to room, down the stairs or out the door for on-the-go fun.
  • Lots of fun characters: From whimsical unicorns to playful elephants, we have a loveable, huggable cushion friend to suit every child’s unique personality.
  • Safety zipper: Rest assured knowing your little one can’t get their hands where they shouldn’t be.

Easy to Assemble and Easy to Clean

Luxe Loungers are super cushy and perfectly sized for your little one — but they’ve got to fit in the box somehow. When your adorable character cushion arrives, some easy assembly is required. Watch this quick how-to video for step-by-step instructions on unpacking the cuddles. Your package will include three compressed pillows and a colorful character cover.

At Soft Landing™, we know that the tiniest tots can cause the biggest messes. That’s half the fun of playtime! Luxe Loungers are easy to disassemble, and you can toss the cover into the washing machine whenever it needs a scrub. To open the safety zipper, all you need is a standard paper clip. Check out the above video for easy wash instructions. 

Browse Our Loveable, Huggable Luxe Lounger Collection

Complete your little’s dream bedroom or playroom design or give a gift that will be remembered, cuddled and loved for years to come with Luxe Loungers. Each character cushion is bursting with fun personality and purposeful design details so that everyday living becomes everyday play. Luxe Loungers come in a variety of oh-so-cute character options, from playful pups to smiling dinos. Your child is sure to find their perfect friend.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, these just-my-size companions are the perfect solution for cozy playtime, naptime or anytime. Check out our entire line of snuggable, huggable Luxe Loungers today.