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Joyrides™ Plush Ride-on Character Rockers

Rock right into the land of make-believe with Joyrides™, a kids’ ride-on toy from Soft Landing™. These lovable, huggable children’s plush rockers feature memorable characters and a sturdy design perfect for young movers and shakers. The super-soft plush rocker has a classic wooden base, ensuring comfort as your child rides into adventure with their trusty, interactive companion. 

Recommended for little rockers 18 months to 3 years, Joyrides make a perfect addition to the bedroom, playroom, living room or any other everyday living space that could use some everyday play.

Joyrides Kids-First Features

At Soft Landing™, we know that the most important features are the ones that kids care about. That’s why we’ve designed our Joyrides plush rockers as the perfect companion for your child’s next adventure. Here are just a few of the reasons your little is bound to love our bounding, ride-on rockers:

  • Colorful, loveable characters: Joyrides come in a variety of adorable characters, from dinos and giraffes to flamingos and pink unicorns. Whatever your little is into, you’ll find their perfect riding companion.
  • Soft and safe: For littles who rock, we’ve designed our ride-on toys for hours of playtime fun — because we know that once they start, they won’t want to stop.
  • Just their size and super cushy: Joyrides are made with super-soft, huggable materials in kid-friendly measurements. So, whether they’re rocking along to their favorite song or simply enjoying the back and forth motion, Joyrides are the perfect size for little adventurers.

Why Grown-Ups Love Joyrides

Before the little in your life is ready for a bike or even a trike, they can learn balance and coordination on their Joyrides plush rocker. The sturdy wooden handles and rockers support an adorable, memorable character that any kid would love to have as a companion. Here are just a few more reasons grown-ups love Joyrides from Soft Landing™:

  • Sturdy, safe design: Each colorful character is equipped with wooden handles for easy grip. Plus, the sturdy frame is designed for a smooth rocking motion. No matter how fast your mover goes, Joyrides are safe to ride.
  • Choose between formats: Joyrides are available in both sleigh and classic formats. The sleigh offers a bit of backing for younger riders, while the classic format is perfect for littles who are raring to go.
  • Comes fully assembled: No need to make your child wait! Our Joyrides come ready to use, so kids can jump right on and into their imaginative play.
  • Easy to clean: Joyrides are made with easy-to-clean materials and are surface washable. If your child gets into some messy play, just dampen a soft cloth with water and gently wipe the dirty area until clean.

Browse Our Joyrides Collection

Bursting with personality and purposeful design, our plush ride-on rockers turn everyday living into an extraordinary experience. Available in both sleigh and classic formats, Joyrides provide hours of interactive play while also complementing on-trend room decor themes.

If you’re ready to send your little rocker on their next adventure, browse our collection of fun and functional Joyrides.