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Both sides of dino/rhino reversible pillow

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Backflips™ Reversible Character Pillows

Backflips™ from Soft Landing™ are reversible character pillows that give double the snuggles, double the fun, double the smiles and double the love. Each pillow has two soft, fluffy and loveable characters in one, and they’re both perfect for play and cuddles. 

Backflips are just the right size for two-in-one fun at home and on the go. The super soft, cushy design is perfect for relaxation, while the colorful characters featured both front and back are great for imaginative play. From lion and panda pairs to our dino and rhino set, we’ll let you and your little one decide which dynamic duo is the better half.

Backflips Kid-First Features

Whether you’re looking for a cuddly companion for bedtime or a unique plush for creative play, Backflips are the perfect option. With a double design and oh-so-soft materials, these reversible character pillows are suitable for kids age 3 and older. Choose a favorite friend to add a fun touch to your little’s themed bedroom decor. They’re the perfect size for on-the-go adventures, too. Wherever you take them, kids love how two-in-one Backflip pillows allow them to explore countless play possibilities.

Backflips are designed with kid-first features your child is sure to love:

  • Two lovable, huggable friends in one: Two in one has never more fun! With a colorful character on each side, Backflips offer tons of playtime possibilities.
  • Lots of playful styles: With lots of Backflip options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect duo companion to suit your style and your little’s taste.
  • Super soft materials: Both cuddly companions are made with super soft materials for hours of snuggles.
  • Perfect for night or day: Backflips are your perfect pal for daytime play or nighttime cuddles.

Why Grown-Ups Love Backflips

When it comes to finding that perfect gift for the little in your life, you want products that blend quality, functionality and fun. Backflips are unique, huggable friends that can stay put or come on an adventure. While we’ve designed Backflips to be kid-centric, we made sure to include plenty of great features that make this plush toy parent-approved:

  • High-quality hugs: Backflips are stitched and stuffed using the softest fabrics and materials.
  • On-trend design: With plenty of colors and themes to choose from, these cute, cuddly toys can double as room decor.
  • Easy spot cleaning: This two-in-one companion can come with your little everywhere they go. If this dynamic duo gets a little dirty, you can simply dampen a cloth with water for a quick surface wash.

Browse Our Collection of Cute and Cuddly Reversible Character Pillows

From cuddly bears paired with adorable monsters to lots of llama drama, our reversible Backflips are bursting with personality. Kids love this soft, just-my-size companion. Whether they’re featured as bedroom decor or kept as a go-to for everyday creative play, Backflips are sure to be used and cherished for years to come.

Browse our collection of Backflips to find the perfect two-in-one pal for the little in your life.