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ow to Get the Best Month-to-Month Baby Photos

How to Get the Best Month-to-Month Baby Photos

Whether you’re a new parent or are welcoming another child into your family, capturing moments of your children is one of the best parts of parenthood. It’s no secret babies grow entirely too fast, so taking photos of them to mark special milestones is a great way to hold onto memories. A popular photo trend that parents like to participate in is month-to-month milestone photos of their baby.

These photos are a fun way to capture the growth of your baby and have cute pictures to share with all of your family and friends. Taking the time to create adorable monthly photos ensures you and your loved ones have special recollections of what your children looked like when they were little. As they grow older, everyone can take a walk down memory lane by looking at the pictures.

If it’s your first time taking milestone photos of your baby, knowing the best props to use and how to set up the camera will make your photoshoots simple. Keep reading for our guide on how to take the perfect milestone baby pictures.

Steps to Take the Best Milestone Baby Pictures

Your baby’s first year is a special moment for you as a parent. Make setting up your milestone photos easy by following these helpful steps:

Step 1: Plan Ahead

The first photo you can take is their newborn photo. The best time to take these photos is around 7 or 10 days old. Babies grow quickly, so capturing them at their littlest size will be an excellent way to start off your collection of baby photos. Then, start setting reminders for yourself on a calendar, in a planner or on your phone to take a photo every month. These months will fly by, and you don’t want to miss a photo because you were busy soaking in the moments with your new baby.

However, before you start snapping photos, you should begin thinking about how you want your baby’s milestone photos to look. It helps to have a plan in place before your baby arrives so you can enjoy the earliest days of parenthood without trying to organize a photoshoot. Consider color schemes you want for the photos, themes you want to stick with and the types of props you’ll include.  Including a toy or prop to appear in all the pictures that you take the first year  makes a great size comparison to your growing baby.

Some props you can include in your photos are:

After you collect your props, you can pick out special outfits to match. At this point, you’ll be ready for your first photo session.

Step 2: Set the Stage

The next step is to get your photoshoot area ready. Choose all of the props you want in this photo. Then, start assembling the background of your photo, which is likely a blanket. If you’re using the same blanket for each month, a tip to keep it perfectly smooth is to iron the blanket after you wash it and gently fold it when you put it away. This process will help make taking photos much easier because you won’t have to iron the blanket every month.

Secure the ends of the blanket with clips or an object heavy enough to hold it in place. Squirmy babies can cause the blanket to bunch up, so stretching it out and securing it can help keep the setup perfect. Next, lay out any toys, month markers or furniture you want to include in your baby blanket monthly photos. Set up the area as much as you can before you set your baby down so your photoshoot can be quick and simple.

Step 3: Incorporate Natural Lighting

Using natural lighting for your photos is one of the best ways to get beautiful milestone photos. Many photographers love to use natural lighting because it provides clear lighting for their subjects that doesn’t appear artificial. This lighting provides the most quality photo you can take inside or outside of your home.

Take advantage of the natural lighting in your home by setting up your photoshoot area near a window that lets in a lot of sunlight during the day. The best time to take photos with natural light is in the morning or early in the afternoon, which is also when your baby is most likely awake. If you’re taking photos outside, you can stick to those times or schedule the shoot at golden hour just before sunset.

For consistent lighting in all of your month-to-month photos, keep your set up in the same location and take photos at the same time every month.

Step 4: Be Flexible

One of the most important parts of taking milestone photos of your baby is to be patient and flexible. The reality is your baby might not want to smile that day, the blanket might get spit-up on or your baby might try to crawl away every time you set them down. The most important part to remember is that these photos are meant to capture them and how they are at this age, so while some things might not seem “perfect,” your baby being themself is what truly counts.

Prepare before the photoshoot to help make it go as smoothly as possible, including:

  • Having toys to shake behind the camera to get your baby’s attention.
  • Having your partner or a friend or family member be your assistant during photos to help position the baby, toys and other props in the photo so you can snap the picture quickly.
  • Singing their favorite song to calm them down if they’re fussy. Making silly faces to make them laugh always works, too!

Step 5: Have Fun

Most importantly, you should aim to have fun! These pictures represent cherished moments in your and your baby’s life. Appreciate these fun photoshoot moments by taking as many photos of your baby as you can. Make this photoshoot a carefree, low-stress activity you look forward to every month. If you find yourself stuck in a rut with your milestone photos, pick new themes, add new toys, change the location or include your other children. Get creative, and you’ll come out with a selection of gorgeous images.

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