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Soft Landing Kids

Darling Duos™ are double the cute and twice the fun! SHOW ME MORE! Box with the text, Toddler leaning on a cushion with a tablet in her hands. Nesting Nooks™ make study time almost as nice as story time. SHOW ME MORE! Box with the text, Everyday Escapes™ are the perfect bedroom getaway for kids to read, relax, or snooze. SHOW ME MORE! Box with the text, Child sitting on dinosaur rocker. Joyrides™ – for kids who rock! SHOW ME MORE! Box with the text, Bestie Beanbags™ are the best playtime companion. SHOW ME MORE! Box with the text,
Speech bubbles that read, hi, and we're so happy you're here!

Here at Soft Landing™ we make high-quality, joy-filled furnishings and décor for that special kid in your life. We love turning everyday living into everyday play.


  • Green Dino Joyride

  • Bunny Nesting Nook



“My 15 month old LOVES this chair. BEST THING I HAVE BOUGHT THIS KID!”


“My one year old loves this chair. She just looks at it and smiles and cracks up and then smooshes her face in it and laughs.”

- Katie

“SO CUTE!!! I bought it to take monthly photos of our boy as he grows.”


“My two year old lit up when we opened the box.”


“Bought for my 1 year old granddaughter and she loved it! Well made and very pretty.”